Saturday, 9 January 2010

questions i want answers to

in addition to these questions below there are other unanswered questions in other posts. here is an ongoing list of questions for the entities/god(s):

* is carbon dating accurate? i want to know this because christianity says that adam and eve, the first people, were "born" about 6000 years ago, but fossils of dinosaurs date to time periods of millions of years ago. then theres the whole neanderthal/evolution of man topic and records/writing claiming to be from people living over 10,000 years ago. can the adam and eve story be reconciled in any way with any of this?

* is the story of noahs ark true?
** where is noahs ark?

* was joseph smith really given gold plates by the angel moroni?

* is there really a resurrection after we die?

* what is dejavu?

* how is it possible to know of things to come (even though i believe this is possible)?

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