Thursday, 21 January 2010

my kundalini reiki meditation experience day 2.2

this is day 2 after my kundalini reiki attunement number 2. the manual says that attunement 3 should happen at least 10 days after number 2. the manual also says:
You should use this meditation every day to get the greatest effect from your vibrational rinsing and energy channel cleansing process.
this is the second time i am doing the kundalini reiki meditation. this time i felt pretty relaxed and as it progressed i felt like i was getting warmer and warmer and at the end i was pretty warm. this one lasted 17 minutes, but a couple of those minutes i was watching psychic kids to see what an energy channeling expert was saying, but still trying to meditate at the same time. i started getting warmer after i was done watching those couple of minutes of that show and while i was thinking about my current goals, wanting:
* the power to choose patience instead of anger
* the power to choose kind words instead of ridicule
* the power to turn off my sexual desires

when i started repeating these "out loud" in my mind i kept getting warmer and warmer.

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