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notable names in the occult

my recommendations so far of people worth reading/checking out:
Rawn Clark
Benjamin Rowe
athena w (see also her flauros website)
Joseph H. Peterson
john d. allee
diane vera
Paul Hughes-Barlow
Lena Ranehag
gro helen tørum
lon milo duquette
carroll "poke" runyon
jake stratton-kent (online store: underworld apothecary)
mike rock (online store: lucky mojo)
aaron leitch
kenaz filan

this list can and will mostly likely change over time.

anton lavey - in it for the money?

very interesting if this fbi rapport about lavey is true:
LaVey advised that he has been the victim of numerous attacks, both verbal and physical, because of his association with the Church of Satan. He advised because of the occasional notoriety that he receives as the founder and priest of the church association, he does attempt to surround himself with friends and associates when he travels. He advised these people are not armed and are not employed as bodyguards. LaVey stated that he is well aware that most people associated with the Church of Satan are in fact "fanatics, cultists and weirdoes." He stated that his interest in the Church of Satan as strictly from a monetary point of view and spends his time furnishing interviews, writing material, and lately has become interested in photography.

- FBI unclassified document - SF 89A-289 - pages 2 & 3
subject: Howard Stanton Levey, a.k.a. Anton Szandor LaVey
ive written several emails to the FBI to ask them about this, now im just waiting for a reply.

no mention of satanism on jayne mansfields wikipedia page

this article on the death of jayne mansfield is pretty interesting if it is true:
Due to a hatred that Jayne developed for her lover, Sam Brody, Mansfield pleaded with LaVey to conduct a ritual of destruction against him. LaVey complied by writing Brody's name on a piece of parchment and burning it in the fire. As the parchment was consumed LaVey invoked Satan's powers requesting Brody's death within one years time. In The Satanic Bible LaVey issues dictums for placing curses on others to bring about their death and concludes by saying: “and if your curse provokes their actual annihilation, rejoice that you have been instrumental ridding the world of a pest!” LaVey's personal administrator and assistant Blanche Barton comments “No simple undirected curse would do this time. LaVey would only be satisfied when Brody was dead.” Mansfield states:

“Mr. LaVey called me into the back room. There, he told me, 'The Devil has placed a curse on Sam Brody. There is a heavy black cloud over him...He'll be killed in a car crash...Get rid of him at once!'”

Scripture says that Satan has been a murderer "from the beginning." (1 John 3:8 ) Jesus said that Satan's modus operandi was to "steal, kill and destroy." (John 10:10 ) Satan is evil to the core and his hatred seethes against mankind, even those who serve him. There is no love or favor in Satan's kingdom, but a contemptible usage of people who open themselves up to him. Mansfield served Satan, but he hated and despised her. She was only a pawn to further his agenda of worldwide spiritual enslavement under the New Age.
Jayne Mansfield

Mansfield's trust in Satan proved illegitimate as it cost her her life. The Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes says "that those who practice evil will not be delivered by it." Within a few months, Brody lay dead in a catastrophic car accident. Mansfield was also killed in the crash, and according to her death certificate, decapitated by the windshield. Her death was tragic and sudden. Ironically, LaVey reported that 15 minutes before he heard of the accident that he had cut Jayne Mansfield's head off of a picture with a pair of scissors. Mansfield had truly run her last spiritual red light and the Scripture stating that God will not be mocked came into effect. God's Word states that your sin will find you out and that those who sow to the flesh will reap destruction.
funny how, as of today, there is no mention of her connection with the church of satan on the jayne mansfield wikipedia page.

maybe there was no connection between jayne mansfield and the church of satan?:
LEGEND: Jayne Mansfield, Hollywood sex symbol and actress, was a card-carrying Satanist and had an affair with ASL.

REALITY: Publicity agent Tony Kent, an associate of Ed Webber, arranged the meeting between Mansfield and ASL as a publicity stunt. ASL was smitten with the actress. Mansfield, who made no secret of her many affairs, denied knowing ASL intimately, and no associate of hers has ever confirmed any supposed romance with ASL. In a 1967 interview she said, "He had fallen in love with me and wanted to join my life with his. It was a laugh." According to ASL's publicist Edward Webber, Mansfield would ridicule her Satanic suitor by calling from her Los Angeles home and seductively teasing him while her friends listened in on the conversation. ASL's public claims that he had an affair with Mansfield began only after Mansfield's death in an automobile accident, which he also claimed was the result of a curse he had placed on her lover Sam Brody.

SOURCES: Edward Webber (interview by Aquino 6/2/91); interview with Mansfield quoted in Jayne Mansfield by May Mann, Pocket Books, 1974.
and if that last part is true about ASL claiming only after the deaths that he cursed brody, then it is pretty funny to read this quote from the church of satan officials about ASLs daughter:
Authors who contributed to this document:
(in alphabetic order)

Blanche Barton
Peter H. Gilmore
Peggy Nadramia
Matt G. Paradise
Herbert Paulis


Zeena LaVey, his younger daughter, chose to disown her father in
1989 and had no more contact with him nor the Church of Satan since.
After his death, she has gone on TV shows, claiming that she has proven
herself to be the more competent Satanic magician as her father died
due to a curse she placed upon him. Of course, no such curse was
mentioned prior to his death.
hey, she is just following her fathers example =)

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interesting quote on the possibility of a real devil by anton lavey

Don't you ever wonder about evil, though, about the old saying that the devil's best allies are those who don't believe in him? LaVey is quiet for a moment.

"Oh, yes, deep down I have my speculation that maybe there is a force I've tapped into, that I can extract. Oh, yes, I have doubts. But I hate to talk about these things. I mean, Jayne Mansfield's death was a strange thing! It was like 'Night Has a Thousand Eyes.' It was a hell of a coincidence! Time and space all coming together to merge like color transparencies. What ingredients contributed to this? These things are too much for coincidence. But still, I want to believe they are coincidences. I'm basically just a good, decent guy.

"When you ask me what if I came to believe there was some malevolent force, would I want to do it differently? The answer is no. It's too late. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction. Not when I see what they have done in the world. There'll be no deathbed confession." Not from Anton LaVey, not from the prideful angel. He is beyond redemption.

this is taken from the cos' own pages, their copy of the washington post magazine article the devil in anton lavey

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my pagan name

after following the 4 outlined steps on the pagan name generator i was given the pagan name Taliesin Lothlorien Gaia

Taliesen has been known to mean: Chief of Bards or chief of poets, shining brow
Lothlórien is the fairest forest realm of the Elves remaining in Middle-earth during the Third Age. Long ago it was known as Laurelindórenan - the Land of the Valley of Singing Gold.
Gaia, meaning "land" or "earth", from the Ancient Greek Γαῖα; also Gæa or Gea (Koine and Modern Greek Γῆ) is the primal Greek goddess personifying the Earth. Gaia is a primordial deity in the Ancient Greek pantheon and considered a Mother Goddess or Great Goddess.

Catholic Pope John Paul II nudity quote

I thought this was interesting/good:
The human body can remain nude and uncovered and preserve intact its splendor and its beauty... Nakedness as such is not to be equated with physical shamelessness... Immodesty is present only when nakedness plays a negative role with regard to the value of the person...The human body is not in itself shameful... Shamelessness (just like shame and modesty) is a function of the interior of a person.

Karol Cardinal Woytyla (John Paul II), Love and Responsibility, translation by H. T. Willetts, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York: 1981.
(Note: this link contains many pictures of nudity)

rainboy, oobe and ufos

i saw an interesting unsolved mysteries episode on 20091106 about a guy named don decker "rainboy" who was apparently possessed and it would rain wherever he was, even inside houses:;wap2

then i got to thinking about something i swear i heard some time about the LDS church saying that members shouldn't engage in out of body experiences and i wish i could find a source.
here are some interesting keywords on this subject:
lucid dreaming
obe/oobe (out of body experience)
Astral Projection (astral body == spirit/soul)

taken from this thread:

i also saw an interesting documentary on ufos and the cold war (i think on the history channel)

Q. abraham pharaoh and astronomy

Abraham is reasoning upon the principles of Astronomy, in the king’s court.

i have never heard/learned of anything about astronomy in the lds church. i would like someone to expound on this...

Q. what is the significance of astronomy in the lds church?

update: i just found an article containing a section called Abrahamic Astronomy, mentioning that abraham possibly even taught astrology to the egyptians:
The great Christian historian Eusebius of Caesarea, who lived in the late third and early fourth centuries, preserves an even earlier account in his Praeparatio Evangelica; it has Abraham going to Egypt and there teaching astronomy or astrology both to the priests of Heliopolis and to the Egyptian king himself.

another interesting reference to abraham, egypt and astronomy:
what are we to understand about the nature of Book of Abraham astronomy? Is it a revelation from God to Abraham explaining the structure of the universe as it would be seen by the astronomers of our day? Or should we remember that “The Lord said unto me: Abraham, I show these things unto thee before ye go into Egypt, that ye may declare all these words.” Abra. 3:15, so that, as John Gee has suggested ("The Larger Issue"), this is simply the teaching that would be easiest for the Egyptians to understand — one that would teach them that Elohim, who dwells near Kolob, rules over than the sun-god, Amen-Re?

how to create a sigil

Most basic sigil work recapitulates Spare's technique, including the construction of a phrase detailing the magical intent, the elimination of duplicate letters, and the artistic recombination of the remaining letters to form the sigil.

an example sigil:

Q. why do some people describe ghosts as cold temperature?

they are also called cold spots
i'm going to see if i can find out about this
here are some interesting links:

unexplainable events

* when i sat in bed right now to write down some things that have happened recently, that i cant explain, the keyboard next to me in the bed played by itself a middle-E and a middle-C.

the keyboard just played again at 110525. again at 110900. again at 111346 (this time it played the same piano voice as the last times, but i had previously changed it to a different voice. it sounds like what a low-battery sound would be, but it is plugged into the wall and is not going on batteries). again at 111729. it looks like it plays every 3 minutes and 30 seconds for some reason. it has never done this before. i'll turn it off then turn it on again. it started again at 112239. again at 112625. it must just be some kind of automated tone.

* before i went to bed last night i blew out the candles in the living room upstairs and turned off all the lights. when i got up this morning the one large candle was lit.

EXPLAINED: ha ha, my wife said she lit the candle because it was taller than the glass it was in and she wanted to burn it down so it would shine through the glass =)

* in the shower i think 3 days ago i was washing the soap out of my hair so i had my eyes closed and i heard a loud sound like something heavy (like a shampoo bottle) had been dropped onto the tile floor by my feet. when i opened my eyes there was nothing there and we dont have anything heavy hanging up high either. i even tried cupping my hands and filling them with water (something i was not doing at that time) and dropping the water to the ground. it barely even made a sound. completely unexplainable.

i was in our guest room and looked out into the hall and saw a dark manly figure standing by the door. it looked like he was wearing an overcoat and a hat, but i only saw it for a split second.


* last night while my wife and i were lying in bed, talking, around midnight, i don't know the time exactly, we heard the big flat plastic light switch in the hall outside our bedroom click on (pushes up to turn on) and the light turned on. immediately i thought it was one of our kids, but i had not heard a sound of anybody walking up the wood stairs. i got up to see who it was and the bathroom door was a little ajar. i opened it and nobody was there. i went downstairs and all the kids were asleep in their beds =)
someone turned that light on and it wasn't any of us.

update: i was able to get the switch to stay in the middle between on and off so it is possible that when we turned it off that it got stuck in the middle, then over time switched to the off position, but i have never noticed that i have done something like that before (i'm kind of anal), but then again it could have been my wife, but she never turns off that light, i always have to ask her to turn it off (i like it dark).

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aleppo codex - oldest and most complete hebrew bible

the Aleppo Codex is
seen as the most authoritative source document for both the original biblical text and its vocalization

it is the most complete, extant, copy of the masoretic text (MT), but many of its pages are lost.
The Masoretic Text (MT) is the authoritative Hebrew text of the Jewish Bible regarded almost universally as the official version of the Tanakh.

read the aleppo codex online

the aleppo codex in buyable book form is called the Keter Yerushalayim (jerusalem crown)

i would really like to find a hebrew english version of this.

note: bible in this context is not the same as the christian bible. the jewish bible is comparable to the christian term old testament

Codex Amiatinus - the oldest, extant, complete, latin vulgate bible text

The Codex Amiatinus, designated by siglum A, is the earliest surviving manuscript of the complete Bible in the Latin Vulgate version.[1] It dates to the turn of the 8th century and is considered to be the most accurate copy of St. Jerome's text.

Q. anyone know where one can read the codex amiatinus online?

it can be purchased for €9100. here is how it is bound.

the text currently in use by the catholic church is the nova vulgata

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call for user reviews and pictures of Athena's Grimore of Enochian magic

Athena's Grimore of Enochian magic seems intriguing although i must say im put off immediately by the apparent misspelling of grimore, but after googling, im not sure it is a misspelling, only a much less used version of grimoire.

that aside, i cannot find any reviews (other than the ones athena has pasted into her sales page) of this creation, nor any user pictures. yes she has posted some pictures but they are not closeups and they are blurry.

if you have purchased this book can you please post some detailed pictures of the book from all sides and some sample pages somewhere (e.g. flickr) and send me a link?

update: after reading many of her webpages, i am of the opinion that athena really knows what she is talking about and i have gotten a good feeling about her. i have ordered a copy for myself.

Q. what is the mating signal?

the fifth of The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth states:
5. Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
what is the mating signal?

so far i have found this:
People have asked what is the mating signal, I interpret this to mean, simply, that you should take care. Be careful not to make up signals due to your own wishful thinking.

update: Matt G. Paradise stated in an interview:
"Well, considering that you and I are two distinctly different
human beings, what works for me might not work for you. In
other words, the definition of the mating signal will vary
according to combination of participants, situation, and other
subjective criteria. Depending on these, the mating signal may
be repeated "sexy" looks thrown your way, or it might have to
be the other person literally saying, "Hey, would you like to
fuck?" The proof's in the pudding, to be cliche and, yes, when
someone says "no," they generally mean it."

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my astrological birth

here is an ongoing list of interesting info about my birth:
march 15 1977 - the ides of march is the same day of the death of julius caesar in 44 BC, so i was born 2021 years later.
march 15 is day 74 of the year (75 in leap years) with 291 (290 in a leap year) days left.
1977 == MCMLXXVII and is a common year (non-leap year, 365 days, 52 weeks and 1 day) starting on saturday. i was born on a tuesday.
march is the month of mars (martius)
march from hræd (hreðmonaþ, hredmonath [icelandic]) means quick, nimble, ready, active, alert, prompt
the march hare is also known as the mad march hare (crazy)

year of the yin fire snake
yin is the moon (the darker half, less light) and represents the female. it is born at the beginning of summer solstice.
the symbol for fire is an equilateral triangle pointing upwards
fire is represented by the vermilion bird and fire represents someone with leadership qualities, and is decisive, self confident, positive and assertive.

People born under the astrological signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are thought to have dominant fire personalities. Fire personalities are believed to have good leading qualities, and also tend to be extroverted, rebellious, passionate and enthusiastic; however, they can also be moody, hot-tempered, snappy, uncontrollable and angry.
this is me in a nutshell even though i am born as pisces.

i was born in the month of the rabbit.

pisces (latin), the fishes (english), Ἰχθείς (greek), Mīna (sanskrit), MULSIM.MAḪ "The Tail of the Swallow", later DU.NU.NU "fish-cord" (Sumero-Babylonian)
sign: ♓
longitude: 330°
the sun was in the pisces sign according to both the tropical (western) and sidereal (hindu) zodiacs.
pisces is a feminine, negative (nocturnal), water (imagination, human feelings, ability to love and sustain), transpersonal (principally aware of and concerned with humanitarian and existential concerns), universal and mutable/common/bicorporal/double-bodied (resourcefulness, holism and adaptability) sign. concerning mutable sign:
They are associated with change and versatility. Individuals born under the four mutable quality signs are thought to be adaptable, impressionable, sharp, sympathetic, communicative, resourceful and restless, with a gift for seeing both sides of a situation at the same time and an immense desire for knowledge, variety and new ideas. They supposedly adapt very well to new situations, possess much flexibility, seldom have any particular agenda and are perfectly happy to fill in an assigned role. However, they are also said to be inconsistent, changeable, nervous, indecisive and irresponsible, with a tendency to get wrapped up in tiny particulars. There is also a certain duality associated with all the mutable quality signs.
Pisces is between the winter and spring seasons

Pisces is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune.

the pisces astrological house is 12 of 12 whose motto in latin is Carcer (Prison) with the modern title of House of Self-Undoing. it is associated with Mysticism. Places of seclusion such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, including self-imposed imprisonments. Things which are not apparent to self, yet clearly seen by others. Elusive, clandestine, secretive or unbeknownst matters. Retreat, reflection and self-sacrifice. Unconscious/subconscious. Unknown enemies.

house 12 is above the horizon and is a cadent house:
The Greeks called the cadent houses apoklima, which literally means "falling" or "decline," because the houses were seen to be falling away from the strength of the angular houses, which were considered the be most influential because of their perpendicular and oppositive relationships to the Ascendant.
Cadent houses are therefore usually considered by astrologers as less fertile and productive places by their nature than either angular or succedent houses, and the planets located in them are seen as generally less powerful and comfortable. This view of cadency is universally found in ancient sources. For example, Paulus Alexandrinus says of cadent houses: "stars [ed: i.e., planets] found in these zoidia [ed: i.e., houses] (2, 6, 8 and 12) become inharmonious. And sometimes they bring about hostile conditions, sometimes separations and banishments..."[3]. (However, there are conditions when a planet in a cadent house can be brought up to its full strength, for example, by a reasonably close trine to a benefic planet, such as Jupiter)[4].

The notion of cadent houses as weak and ineffective also persists in medieval and Renaissance astrologers such as Guido Bonatti and William Lilly, who labeled cadent houses "poor and of little efficacy."
The twelfth house of the horoscope governs troubles, self-undoing, secret enemies, and imprisonment (for example in asylums or penitentiaries), as well as larger domestic animals, such as draught animals. Theosophists such as Annie Besant influenced astrologers such as Isabel Hickey[7] to connect this house to karma from past lives.
Western astrologers have always regarded the twelfth house as a very unfortunate place. Hellenistic astrologers called it "the house of Evil Spirit"[15] and its reputation did not improve with the Arabs or with medieval astrologers. However, Saturn the "greater malefic," does rejoice here--which means he has considerable dignity--and Valens says that Saturn in this place will bring considerable influence for honorable behavior.[16] Paulus claims that an otherwise strong Saturn located here will bring success over enemies and joy in work.[17]

Firmicus connects this house with slaves, enemies and defects[18], and Valens connects it with destitution and beggary.[19] The connection with very bad luck and material privation is almost universally found with the twelfth, as are enemies.

It is from the medieval astrologers that the connection of the twelfth house with imprisonment derives;[20] the idea is probably Arab in origin.

Modern astrologers have brought a spiritual aspect to the twelfth house that was wholly absent in the earlier tradition. This may have its origins in the Theosophical revival of present-day astrology, which had some Hindu influence. In Jyotish (Hindu astrology), the twelfth house is very unfortunate, but is also connected with sexual activity[21] and with spirituality[22]. Hindu astrology is closely connected to the Hindu religion, in which material attachments of all kinds--which are certainly the enemy of all twelfth-house significations--are considered to be a bar to spiritual progress. Much has been made of this suggested affinity by some modern astrologers, especially those influenced by the 19th-century Theosophy movement, such as Annie Besant and Alice Bailey.

in jyotish astrology the pisces is Jala (Water) with the quality Dvisvabhava (Dual)

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Q. occult and magick forums - "witch" is best? =)

athena w recommends the solomonic secrets of the grimoires yahoo forum
theres also the abramelin yahoo group.
here are some possible other candidates (i havent fulled reviewed them, but let me know your experiences):

update: athena w has started a conjuration forum.

experiment failed. the 21 spells of domesius. the draw of seven

i had my wife think of a number between 1 and 7, then i wrote each number on a little square piece of paper and put them around the candle and then i stood over the candle and blew it out. the piece of paper that blew farthest away from the candle is supposed to be the answer for me. the number i drew was 5. my wifes number was 7. i think i did the experiment 3 times and never drew her number.
after i drew the first or second paper i thought in my mind that she maybe thought of the number 7 and it turned out after drawing like 3 pieces of paper i asked her if it was 7 and she said yes.
but the experiment as described failed. maybe its not supposed to be used like that?

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my review of the satanic bible

the satanic bible book review

so far here are my impressions:
* one thing that did strike me was that i found no spelling or grammar errors. i usually find them in most printed works.
* i recommend it to anyone interested in religion and philosophy
* anton lavey is no dummy, he seems very intelligent (UPDATE: i take that back. after seeing him interviewed on video, he seems much less articulate than the impression you get from the satanic bible. maybe because the SB is composed so much of other peoples work? see the very bottom of this article.)
* the arguments seem clever, as if worded in ways that the devil would word them, but they seem mostly directed to catholicism (playing harps in heaven for all eternity, celibacy, etc) and i feel i have answers to many of his questions. i also get the impression that he did not know anything about the lds church or its doctrine.
* what more perfect church for the devil to have as its front than one that denies his existence?
* the SB contains truths, half-truths and lies. concerning lies:
"I'm one helluva liar. Most of my adult life, I've been accused of being a charlatan, a phony, an impostor. I guess that makes me about as close to what the Devil's supposed to be, as anyone. It's true. I lie constantly, incessantly. Because I lie so often, I'd really be full of shit if I didn't keep my mouth shut and my bowels open."

- Anton LaVey, Satan Speaks, page 101
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist -- charles baudelaire
* some of the things he writes are humorous and i also found it funny when he wrote "we all know the devil has the best music" and then i read an interview with peter gilmore, the church's current leader today where he stated:
to me, Satanic music is the symphony, which to me is the highest art form. So Beethoven, Mahler, Bruckner, Shostakovich — to me that’s some of the most Satanic music ever written
although lavey doesnt specifically mention a specific type or group, i feel he is alluding to some kind of modern popular (rock?) music (of which i have no problem with =). gilmore also prefaces that statement with
Satanic music is specific to each person
but it was just funny that the 2 leaders seem to have opposite tastes and ideas of what satanic music is to them =) i also love classical music as well as rock =)

page 55:
...the indian devi which means god
devi is sanskrit for goddess
but satan is referred to as the god of this world in 2. corinthians 4:4

it also says that the devil was:
originally an angel whose duty it was to report human delinquencies to God. it was not until the fourteenth century that he began to be depicted as an evil deity...
Q. source?

page 61:
pious prophets have taught man to fear satan. but what of terms like "god fearing"? if god is so merciful why do people have to fear him? are we to believe there is no where we can turn to escape fear?
fear of the lord is to hate evil
i cannot find any place in the bible where man is taught to fear satan. furthermore:
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
and There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

page 63:
evil backwards is live =)

page 64-65: love and hate
it seems to say that both are important to experience (on a regular basis). but earlier in the chapter it states:
repressed hatred can lead to many physical and emotional ailments
is it the repression that is damaging or the actual hatred? hatred itself is really wasted energy. you cannot be happy and be full of hatred at the same time. we all want to be happy or feel good dont we? why waste time and energy on hatred?
it continues:
by learning to release your hatred towards those who deserve it, you cleanse yourself of these malignant emotions
or you could just learn to release your hatred =) and yes hatred == malignant emotion.
the chapter concludes:
without being able to experience one of these emotions, you cannot fully experience the other.
after what has been stated earlier, do we really need to fully experience hatred? do we need to show small babies hatred so they will appreciate our love?

page 70:
satanism does not advocate ... any [other] form of sexual activity which entails the participation of those who are unwilling or whose innocence or naïveté would allow them to be intimidated or misguided into doing something against their wishes.
if you are ... certain your actions will hurt no one who does not wish or deserve to be hurt, you have no cause to supress your sexual preferences.
theres the catch. and who decides who does and doesnt deserve to be punished?

page 83:'s body (the very shell without which the mind and spirit could not exist)
is satanism now saying there is a spirit when they deny the existence of a physical devil and the like?

page 85:
satan has never needed a book of rules
talking as if satan is a real person/entity. but im sure a satanist would just answer that this all is just a play/act anyways so just play along. its just funny that satanism claims itself to be a religion while at the same time openly stating that the devil doesnt really exist.

so far my impression is that satanism, outwardly, is just atheism wearing a mask of satan. it is interesting to note how it makes use of peoples fears to get attention and probably just for the hell of it too, with chapters like "not all vampires suck blood" which really is just an essay about keeping yourself away from people who would use you and steal your energy.

page 96:
...into this greatest of all worlds
Q. is this the greatest of all worlds because it is the world in which i (the individual thinking this thought) live? does satanism believe there are other worlds where people live? what world is the next greatest world? which world is the worst world? =)

page 103:
...feeble attempts of white magicians trying to perform black magic...with writers such as Baudelaire and Huysmans who, despite their apparent obsession with evil, seemd nice enough fellows.
read the interesting quote on the possibility of a real devil by anton lavey:
I'm basically just a good, decent guy.
funny =)

page 116:
the super-logician will always explain the connection of the magical ritual to the end result as "coincidence".
another funny similarity from the same previous reference, interesting quote on the possibility of a real devil by anton lavey:
"Oh, yes, deep down I have my speculation that maybe there is a force I've tapped into, that I can extract. Oh, yes, I have doubts. But I hate to talk about these things. I mean, Jayne Mansfield's death was a strange thing! It was like 'Night Has a Thousand Eyes.' It was a hell of a coincidence! Time and space all coming together to merge like color transparencies. What ingredients contributed to this? These things are too much for coincidence. But still, I want to believe they are coincidences.

page 120:
very interesting concept:
the intellectual decompression chamber of the satanic temple might be considered a training school for temporary ignorance...the satanist knows he is practicing a form of contrived ignorance in order to expand his will

page 124:
Q. i don't get it. satanism denies the existence of the devil, but do they really profess that magick such as being able to inject thoughts into a sleeping person exists? how is such a belief any more rational than theistic satanism? then there's the statement on page 121:
the satanist knows that even if you succeeded in lifting the teacup from the table, it would be assumed that trickery was used anyway.
i'm confused even more then by the previous statement:
the amount of energy to levitate a teacup (genuinely) would be of sufficient force to place an idea in a group of peoples heads half-way across the earth, in turn, motivating them in accordance with your will.

page 133:
funny part of the ritual called to cause the destruction of an enemy:
the sticking of pins or nails into a doll representing your victim
this is funny because it is apparently a misconception of voodoo:
The Voodoo doll is a form of gris-gris, and an example of sympathetic magic. Contrary to popular belief, Voodoo dolls are usually used to bless instead of curse. The purpose of sticking pins in the doll is not to cause pain in the person the doll is associated with, but rather to pin a picture of a person or a name to the doll, which traditionally represents a spirit. The gris-gris is then performed from one of four categories: love; power and domination; luck and finance; and uncrossing.

page 135:
mans earliest alters were living flesh and blood
oh really? source?

for large group rituals a trapezoidal altar about 3 to 4 feet high and 5 1/2 to 6 feet long can be specially constructed for the woman to lie upon.
dont you mean for large group rituals a trapezoidal elevated plane about 3 to 4 feet high and 5 1/2 to 6 feet long can be specially constructed for the altar to lie upon? because:
later religions, in making mans natural inclinations sinful, perverted his living altars into slabs of stone and lumps of metal.

page 136:
the symbol of baphomet was used by the knights templar to represent satan
the baphomet mythos:
the fact remains that the Templars were accused of practicing their initiations and rituals in front of a large idol of the demon Baphomet.

How did this belief come to be? Since King Philip of France sought to own the vast Templar wealth, he along with his puppet Pope Clement V had the Templars captured and tortured. During these tortures they made many confessions, among these, the disclosure that they had worshipped an idol said to be the Baphomet. Were these claims true? Perhaps we'll never know. Jacques de Molay, who had earlier confessed his and the Templars guilt slowly burned at the stake insisting the order was innocent of all but one offence, that of allowing torture to cause them to lie and confess untruths.

page 161:
the only difference here is that lavey substituted "the highest" with "Satan". another thing i noticed was that his version of enochian is the phonetic version of enochian, not real enochian, according to the hermetic webpage about the 48 enochian calls.

page 183:
the satanic placing of traditional priests and wizards upon the earth for the purpose of misdirection.
i dont understand this and i dont see where in the fifth key anything like this is alluded to. Q. is it talking about satanic priests and wizards? satanic placement seems to suggest this. if so, isnt misdirection exactly what satanism has charged the rest of the religions of the world with? does satanism have the misdirection of people as part of their agenda?

really, these "true" enochian keys are just the same enochian keys just with the words god switched with satan and things like virgins switched to harlots and angels to angles. its also a convenient way to make the SB look a lot bigger than it really is. first you have a page with just the name of the key:
the first key
new page: a short description of the key
new page: the enochian key in enochian (actually phonetic enochian)
new page: the enochian key in english
when most of them are so short than you could have easily put all of these things on one page. so instead of 115 pages, it really only is 29 pages. theres basically 89 empty pages (one third of the entire book).

page 207:
the ninth enochian key warns of the use of substances, devices, or pharmaceuticals which might lead to the delusion and subsequent enslavement of the master.
2 words: sexual addiction? i also found this article comparing masturbation to eating interesting.

pages 1-274: =)
this is very interesting info about the satanic bible taken from the article anton lavey legend and reality:
LEGEND: ASL wrote the Satanic Bible, his principal work, to fulfill his congregation's need for a scriptural guide.

REALITY: The Satanic Bible was conceived as a commercial vehicle by paperback publisher Avon Books. Avon approached ASL for some kind of Satanic work to cash in on the Satanism & witchcraft fad of the late 1960s. Pressed for material to meet Avon's deadline, ASL resorted to plagiarism, assembling extracts from an obscure 1896 tract - Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard into a "Book of Satan" for the SB, and claiming its authorship by himself. [Ironically these MiR passages are the ones most frequently quoted by ASL disciples.] Another third of the SB consists of John Dee's "Enochian Keys", taken directly but again without attribution from Aleister Crowley's Equinox. The SB's "Nine Satanic Statements", one of the Church of Satan's central doctrines, is a paraphrase, again unacknowledged, of passages from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. The last words in the SB - "Yankee Rose" - have been puzzled over for years by readers. "YR" is actually the name of an old popular tune in ASL's nightclub repertoire.

SOURCES: ASL, The Satanic Bible; Ragnar Redbeard, Might is Right, Port Townsend: Loompanics (reprint), 1896; Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged (Galt's speech, ca. pages #936-993); "Yankee Rose" by Sidney Holden & Abe Frankl (Irving Berlin Music, 1926).
its funny because lavey doesnt seem as articulate in person as the impression you get from reading the satanic bible. not surprising then if it is true that most of it (SB) is plagiarized.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

right hand path (rhp) and left hand path (lhp)

interesting article by john d. allee about different but equal/symbiotic paths to knowledge: left hand path and right hand path:
The Left Hand Path is an approach to knowledge that is dark, hidden, receptive. It is the path of silence and inner revealing through meditation. The passive, feminine, Yin influence is felt here. Its symbol is the pentagram with the point going down, representing the vulva, and the two points up, symbolizing yielding breasts. The head of the goat invokes the earth element and the hebrew letters for Leviathan signify the waters of the abyss. Often referred to as the baphomet, from the Greek "Baphe and Metis" meaning wisdom measurement, the sigil pays homage to the Goddess Sophia. BEING is the primary focus of the Left Hand Path.

The Right Hand Path is an approach to knowledge that is illuminated, evident, active. It is the path of interaction and participation. The active, masculine, Yang influence is experienced here. Its symbol is the pentacle with the point going up, representing an erect phallus, and the points drooping on both sides, the testes. Several artists have depicted a man superimposed on the star or pentacle. The figure to the right was drawn by Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim (1486-1535) for a book entitled "The Magic of Arbatel." Recent attempts to corrupt the pentacle will fail - superimposing the face of the Goddess upon it won't change its true nature. BECOMING (Xeper) is the primary focus of the Right Hand Path.

The Right and Left Hand Path are not opposed to one another and have nothing to do with Western Philosophy or Christianity. To create anything, form and force (Yin and Yang) must work together! A passive idea is worthless unless it is followed by an active deed. Conversely, the doing of deeds helps one acquire new ideas. This is the way life works and the way magic works.

We do not respect one symbol above the other. In ritual, the most likely choice is the one hanging above the altar. If the Working involves sending or transmitting energy, the RHP symbol is used. If the Working involves receiving or absorbing energy, the LHP symbol is used.

Furthermore, you cannot elevate the spirit while condemning the flesh and vice-versa! The truly enlightened individual realizes that all matter is composed of frozen energy or "spirit" and there can never be any separation. The aspiring magician must maintain a BALANCE in his or her perspective and not place one symbol above the other because they compliment, define and complete each other. Truly, the All is One!

Q. can you appreciate the good after coming to heaven without the presence of evil?

good and evil quote by rev. john d. allee:
You can not even define evil without discussing what is good. Therefore, the two are inseparable. One can not understand darkness without experiencing light. One cannot appreciate day, without having night. Opposites compliment, define and complete one another. To destroy all evil in the world means there would be no good left to appreciate, therefore the Shadow Dweller does not worship or disrespect either quality! We value ourselves and nature instead and venerate opposition in balance!
"Good" are the things we like. "Evil" are the things we dislike. It often depends on who or what you are. As Diane Vera says, if you're a mouse, cats are evil, but to the pet owner, cats are heavenly. Therefore, evil is not an essence - it is a value judgment. From a Christian point of view, Satan is "evil." Shadow Dwellers are truth seekers who desire to peek behind such labels.

Of course, there are certain ethical wrongs, but they are set by a society or culture so that all can live harmoniously. Examples of these would be thieving, disrespectful behavior and killing or abusing an innocent.

read also scriptures about opposition and justice and mercy:
second book of nephi chapter 2
alma chapter 42

in heaven i'm sure one still sees evil outside, but is not affected/tempted by it, thus still being able to appreciate the good.

atheism - unseen god is foolish, unseen atoms/protons is sane

an interesting quote i found by Rev. John D. Allee:
Atheists, sad to say, take a black and white approach. You either believe in the existence of a deity, be it Jehovah, Allah, Vishnu or Ganesha, in which case you're delusional or, you believe in the existence of scientific things you can't see with the naked eye, like photons, atoms and molecules, in which case you are considered sane. Just because a person believes in the existence of a form or deity does not necessarily mean the relationship with said form or deity is delusional, fraudulent, deceptive or useless.

we can see atoms today, but before they were just believed to exist.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Q. are mormon temple ceremonies taken from freemasonry?

i have heard this claim many times. i have also read that joseph smith was a freemason. i would like to know the connection if there is one.

update: maybe and no. read How does one explain similarities between Masonic and temple ritual?

words for casting out devils and evil spirits

i read this interesting description in agrippa's occult philosophy chapter 32:
And Athanasius in his book De Variis Questionibus saith that there is no word more terrible and more destructive to the power of Devils then the beginning of the 68. Psalm, Arise O God, and let thine enemies be scattered; For assoon as that word is spoken, the devill vanisheth away howling. And Origen against Celsus saith, that the naming the name Jesus hath oftentimes cast many devils as well out of the souls of men as their bodies, and hath exercised much power in them out of whom the devils were cast.

enochian pele ring and lds temple

i was reading the enochian magic reference and on page 7 i noticed something very interesting -- a ring dating back to the spring of 1583, allegedly revealed to John Dee by angels; i call it the enochian pele ring because of the letters P E L E in the four corners. additionally there are a V, an L, a circle or letter O and a dash/horizontal line through the circle/O. i won't say any more, but if you are lds, this might be interesting to you too, as well as this reader commentary on the subject. here's the text:
The Scarlet Letter
Volume VI, Number 1 | March 2001
Play With PELE
Notes concerning the Enochian Ring of Dr. John Dee
by Fr. Sharash

PELEI just came into possession of a full size Holy Table (fixed from the erroneous Casaubon version via Robert Turner). Having never used Enochian in the classic John Dee style, I am pretty excited at the prospect of doing so. It was fitting then that I soon found myself doing a re-reading of Mysteriorum Liber Primus by Dr. John Dee (translated by Clay Holden). Eventually, I got to the part describing the Ring.

Dee writes:

“It shewed to be a Ring of Gold: with a seal graved in it: and had a rownd thing in the myddle of the seale and a thing like a V, throwgh the top of the circle: and an L, in the bottom: and a bar ——— cleane throwgh it: And had these fowre letters in it, P E L E.”

I’ve seen this ring quite a number of times and have always wondered what PELE referred to (aside from a Hawaiian Volcano Goddess and a Brazilian soccer player). Benjamin Rowe, describing the ring states: “The letters PELE (Latin for: he will work wonders) were inscribed in the four corners.” The problem with this translation is that it’s not Latin, it’s Hebrew.

Agrippa mentions in Book III Cap.11 of The Occult Philosophy, “that place in Judges” where the word pele or peli is used in the sentence: “Nomine meum quod est (Peh Lamed Aleph)”; meaning, “My name, which is [Peh-Lamed-Aleph]”. All I found in Dowry-Raines was the word mirabile (miraculous) where Agrippa said PELE should be. Due to this, I thought for a little while that it might just be the English “Aleph” spelled out in reverse—you know—the way Hebrew is normally written, right to left.

My research lead me to an Old Testament Hebrew version of Judges 13:18. There it was: alp, which in any Hebrew-English dictionary or concordance means, “wonders or miracles.” Perhaps to avoid confusion, these letters should be substituted in Hebrew on the ring instead of the Roman letters PELE.

One very interesting thing I’ve noted on the ring is the center design. It is extremely curious that Dee, in the paragraph on the ring says to use a “thing like a V” instead of just “V” in contrast to the very specific “and an L”. But if one notes the way the circle cuts through the V and L; turning the design upside down, the “thing like a V” becomes a thing very much like an “A.” And most have probably already put two and two together and noted that this spells “AL,” a very well known name of God. Again, it is my feeling that this should probably be in Hebrew also.

As an aside, regardless of how Dee translated PELE; my favorite theory is that it may have meant originally to be transmitted as ELEP (Aleph Lamed Peh) in reverse. This makes sense if you consider how Dee spells EMETH, (Aleph Mem Tau), and how some of the Enochian “mysteries” were transmitted in reverse, such as the word SOYGA from the Book of Soyga. Soyga is ‘Agios’ (Greek for “Holy”) spelled backwards. Thus, it would be no surprise to me if PELE were a phonetic reversal of Aleph. The only thing keeping me from buying into this whole cloth is a further message from Michael concerning the ring:

“Wonders are in him, and his Name is WONDERFULL: His Name worketh wonders from generation, to generation.”

In any case, I’m pretty firm in my belief that however you decide to translate PELE, it should certainly be spelled correctly and in the proper language!

my wife asked me "but where's the circle?". after a couple of minutes of thinking about it the answer was obvious: it's the navel/belly button.

read also jim huston's comments:
The symbols on the garments were taken directly from Freemasonry, with the two main symbols being the compass and square. Also Masonic symbols are the honey bee, the all seeing eye, the upright and inverted pentagram, sun stones, moon stones and many others. Freemasonry took many of these symbols from Kabbalism which was 12-13th century Jewish mysticism which was started by the Hasidic Jews in France and Spain.

Albert Pike, in the 1800's recognized that the Masonic traditions came from Zohar (principle texts of Kabbalism), and through that channel he claimed a tie to the temple of Solomon.

>The Kabalah is the key to the occult sciences; and the Gnostics were born of the Kabalists. (Morals and Dogma, p. 626)

(He had it backward, the Gnostics predated Kabbalism by a thousand years.)

>Masonry is a search after Light. That search leads us directly back, as you see, to the Kabalah. In that ancient and little understood medley of absurdity and philosophy, the Initiate will find the source of many doctrines; and may in time come to understand the Hermetic philosophers, the Alchemists, all the Anti-papal Thinkers of the Middle Age, and Emanuel Swedenborg. (Morals and Dogma, p. 741)

>All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah, and return to it: everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of all the illuminati, Jacob Boehme, Swedenborg, Saint-Martin, and others, is borrowed from the Kabalah; all the Masonic associations owe to it their Secrets and Symbols. (Morals and Dogma, p. 744)

Morals and Dogma was the book given to candidates upon receipt of the 14th degree of the Scottish Rite for nearly 100 years. Pike was commissioned by the Supreme Council to take the earlier writings and develop a guide for the Scottish Rite similar to "Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor" by Malcolm C. Duncan (1866), which was the handbook for York Rite Freemasons. Albert Pike was the Grand Commander of the Supreme Council for 20 years.

Gershom Scholem, the foremost expert on Kabbalism in the world has written several books on the subject and has pin pointed the birth of Kabbalism. While Kabbalism was initially conceptualized and has very early roots in France with the hasidut, however the development and writing was done in Gerona and Castile Spain and was not disseminated throughout Europe until there expulsion from Spain in the 14th Century.

Like Pike, Gershom Scholem has also recognized the influence of Kabbalism on Freemasonry.

Joseph Smith was a student of Kabbalism studying under Alexander Neibaur. He had also become a Mason. He felt he had it all under control. The Masons were in part an outgrowth Kabbalah traditions and Kabbalah claimed links back to Adam. Freemasons claimed links back to the Temple of Solomon.

A number of years ago a Mormon intellectual informed us that it was his understanding that one of the top scholars in the church had pointed out to church authorities that the words pay lay ale or pe le el could be translated from the Hebrew language as "mouth to God." This, of course, could be considered to be a condensed version of "Oh God, hear the words of my mouth!" That this translation is plausible can be confirmed by consulting Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, Hebrew and Chaldee Dictionary, word #6310—"peh... the mouth." The Hebrew letter Lamed (transliterated in English as l) is often added on the front of words and means "to, at, for" (Hebrew Primer and Grammar, by C. P. Fagnani and A. B. Davidson, page 50). Word #410 in Strong's Concordance is "ale... God (god)." Kyle D. Williams has also pointed out to us that the Biblical name "Lael," found in Numbers 3:24, is translated by Strong (#3815) as "(belonging) to God." At any rate, we were told that the Mormon scholar was so convincing in his presentation to the leaders of the church that they changed the wording of the temple ceremony to "Pay Lay Ale."

In connection with this priesthood JS chose a new name - Baurak Ale which is a transliteration of a Hebrew name, also Baraqi'el, Barak-el, Barkayal or Barakel. This is a Kabbalah name of power. This was the name of 1 of the 7 archangels and 1 of the 4 ruling seraphim. He was known as the "Lightning of God" angel of the month of February and ruled Jupiter. JS was placing himeslf as a equal to Melchizedek as one of the archangels. It is again Hebrew, not the "Adamic language."

I don't have the translation of the third. I do have some further information. The reason that some of the words are not in the standard Hebrew dictionary is that at that time, Smith was learning Sephardi Hebrew from Joshua Seixas, which is a fairly minor dialect.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

many similarities between zoroastrianism and christianity

i've been reading about zoroastrianism and i must say there are very many similarities between it and christianity (and probably many other religions as well). zoroastrianism is seen as one of the oldest religions in the world. similarities with christianity include (but are not limited to):
* battle/struggle between good and evil
* heaven and hell
* a virgin-born savior
* a god who created the world
* Active participation in life through good thoughts, good words and good deeds is necessary to ensure happiness
* free will
* rejection of monasticism (similar to lds christianity)
* god/good will eventually prevail over evil and time will end
* At the end of time a savior-figure [a Saoshyant] will bring about a final renovation of the world (frasho.kereti), and in which the dead will be revived (resurrection).
* god (mazda) communicates to humankind through another being (spenta mainyu -- comparable to jesus or the holy ghost)
* evil is represented by a being (angra mainyu -- comparable to the devil)
* people existed as souls before birth and have a protector (fravashi -- comparable to a guardian angel)

Although older (roughly early first millennium BCE, see Zoroaster), Zoroastrianism only enters recorded history in the mid-5th century BCE
Zoroastrianism was founded by the Prophet Zoroaster (or Zarathustra) in ancient Iran however it is debated to exactly when he lived as there are estimates erunning from 1700 BC to 500 BC existing. The precise date of the founding of Zoroastrianism is uncertain. An approximate date of 1200-1500 BCE has been established through archaeological evidence and linguistic comparisons with the Hindu text, the Rig Veda. However there is no way of knowing exactly when Zoroaster lived as he lived in what to his people were prehistoric times.
how is this older than christianity? christian scripture places adam and eve at around 4000 BC.

Q. lds temple ceremonies featuring disembowelment and vengeance?

i don't know what my question is other than "WTF!?"
my experience of the temple has always been a place of peace, and i have never felt anything to the contrary. recently i saw a video on youtube claiming to be a temple endowment ceremony (of which i have participated in many times), but it was mentioning horrid things such as disembowelment and slitting of throats and i was like "yeah right, this is completely bogus". but somebody commented that it was like this a long time ago. i asked my mother if it was true and she said yes. then she said that the church changed it because it resembled something from the mafia of that time (these are her words).
i think that if the endowment had still been like this the first time i visited the temple, i would have gotten up and left.

i found a supposed 1937 documentation of endowment penalties which include:
#l we agree that our throats be cut from ear to ear and our tonques torn out by the roots...all bow your heads and say yes.
#2 We agree to have our breasts cut open and our hearts and vitals torn from our bodies and given to the birds of the air and beasts of the field.
#3 Should we do so, we agree that our bodies be cut asunder in the midst and all our bowels gush out.
the same page also mentions a law of vengeance:
"Law of Vengeance: You and each of you do solemnly promise and vow that you will pray, and never cease to pray, and never cease to importune high heaven to avenge the blood of the Prophets on this nation, and that you will teach this to your children and you children's children unto the 3rd and 4th generation. All bow your heads and say yes."

i guess my question is: "how could something so contrary to the gospel of jesus christ be taught as a core part of the most holy ceremonies of the church?"

i have not verified this and would like a concrete link to documentation if someone has it.

update: read this penalties article on the fairlds wiki. also How does one explain similarities between Masonic and temple ritual? especially where it says:
Mr. Norton speaks obliquely here. I, however, will be more direct. What Mr. Norton refers to are the penalties (hand actions representing penalties) that were removed from the endowment ritual in 1990. Mr. Norton seems unaware that the endowment ritual has undergone many changes over the years. The ritual is changed to meet the needs of members and to better communicate the endowment to them. Remember, there is a difference between the endowment ritual and the endowment itself. The ritual is not the endowment, but how the endowment is taught--in much the same way that the Catholic Mass is not Holy Communion but how Holy Communion is given to the congregation.

When Joseph was first trying to communicate the truths of the endowment he used a ritual form familiar to the saints of his day. That ritual form was, in some respects, Masonic in nature. As the saints lost their connection to Masonry the symbolic meaning of the penalties and other Masonic elements was lost as well. They became meaningless to all but a few Latter-day Saint Freemasons. So the penalties were removed along with other elements both Masonic and non-Masonic which no longer served the purpose of communicating the truths of the endowment.

i will still like an exact transcription of this portion of the endowment though to review it for myself.

Q. will the lds church ever reinstate polygamy?

my wife took a twist on this notion and asked "how would people in the lds church respond if suddenly the church reinstated polygamy, but reversed it, making it legal for women to marry more than one man, while men were only allowed to be married to one woman?"
gay marriage is legal here in norway, so i can't imagine that legalizing other forms of marriage is too far away. it is and has been legal for a very long time to have multiple sexual relations simultaneously so why not make it legal to marry more than one person?

if all countries of the world legalized polygamy, would the lds church follow suit?

my personal desires

here is my ongoing list of desires/goals:
summed up: interested in increasing my healing abilities, the power of my will and my knowledge of the universe.

complete emotional control (not void of emotion like spock, but appropriate/advantageous-to-myself display of emotion) such as:

[CURRENT GOAL] the power to choose patience instead of anger and when patience is no longer appropriate,

[CURRENT GOAL] wisdom to take the next best action (and wisdom to know when anger is appropriate)
the power to turn off sexual desire when it cannot properly be expressed

fearless -- but wise enough to know when to leave, say no or "act" afraid

a happy, healthy, loving and friendly family

the power to make myself invisible (and visible again =)

the power to teleport my body safely anywhere i wish in the whole universe

wisdom greater than any person/problem who challenges me

financial independence:
to create and study what i want
to afford a housekeeper
to afford a cook
to afford a personal assistant
to travel with my family anywhere we want, any time
to help people in need

the power to read anyone's thoughts

the power to heal any kind of sickness or injury (including myself)

the ability to fly

unlimited power to move and affect anything with my mind (telekinesis/psychokinesis)

the knowledge of how to make music that i can be proud of and that people in general will love

photographic memory

the gift of seeing and conversing with spirits and angels

knowledge of and acquaintance with life forms outside this planet

unlimited remote viewing which can be turned off and on when i want

power of convincing speech

fluent in every language and form of communication known to man

the power to change any aspect of my physical being in any way i want

the power to see the past and the future

the power to breathe under water and travel anywhere underwater safely and comfortably to any depth

a large house with many rooms and floors located on an enormous property with a breathtaking view of the ocean on one side and a large city of lights on the other side. something like a giant UK castle of sorts. i want large open fireplaces, very high ceilings, a ballroom, and giant double staircase (stairs on left and right) in a huge entryway/entrance, preferably separated from the outside by a wardrobe room where people may hang up their coats and take off their shoes and to keep cold air out of the rest of the house. a huge chandelier and 2 story high ceiling in this staircase entryway. i would like a dedicated library room, 2 stories tall with ladders on tracks to get to the books high up, with big comfortable chairs in the middle for reading and one part on the wall that is either blank or you can roll down a white sheet for use with a projector if you wanted to enlarge something to show someone. i would like a laptop there, but somehow not ruin the look of the room. i would like many tall windows and a tower or 2. secret tunnels and passageways throughout the house would be fun too. long carpets throughout the hallways. dark/grey stone walls. large paintings on the walls. i would like this to be located in norway, the uk, italy or spain. (the house, thornfield hall (haddon hall) on jane eyre [2006] is the kind of house i want. here's haddon hall on google maps)

Q. what is the first hour of the day?

i have been reading Abramelin's Magickal Word Squares- Compiled and Corrected for the First Time by Aaron Leitch, particularly the ones about invisibility. there is a square for each of the 12 hours of the day. so my question was what does it mean by the first hour of the day?

this makes sense to me:
However, the planetary hours are not the same as the sixty minute hours beginning at midnight that we use for normal timekeeping. The planetary days are divided into twenty four planetary hours with the first hour of the day beginning at sunrise and the last hour of the day ending at sunrise of the next planetary day. The period that extends from sunrise to sunset (daylight) is divided into twelve hours and the period extending from sunset to sunrise of the next day (nighttime) is also divided into twelve hours giving the twenty four hours of the planetary day.
Accordingly, as the duration of daylight and darkness varies except at the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes, on a particular planetary day the length of the hours of the day will differ from the length of the hours of the night. Thus another name for the planetary hours, says William Lilly, the renowned English astrologer, is the unequal hours. Christian Astrology, [London, 1647] page 482.
source: planetary hours and days
further down on that page it gives a logical way to calculate the exact hour and length of the hour:
Otherwise get your local sunrise and sunset times from the newspaper or the US Naval Observatory. Take the time from sunrise to sunset and divide by twelve to get the length of each planetary hour for the day. Take the time from sunset to sunrise the next day and divide that by twelve for the length of each planetary hour by night. Then starting with the planet that rules the day, e.g. Saturn for Saturday, follow the Chaldean order and assign the proper planet to each planetary hour of the day and night that you have just calculated.

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Q. the key of solomon vs the greater key vs the lesser key

i am struggling to find the difference between the following books:
the key of solomon
the greater key of solomon
the lesser key of solomon

in the wikipedia article key of solomon it says:
L. W. de Laurence in 1914 published "The Greater Key of Solomon", directly based on Mathers' edition, to which he made alterations in an attempt to advertise his mail-order business (for example by inserting instructions like "after burning one-half teaspoonful of Temple Incense" along with ordering information for the incense).

i interpret this as "Mathers' edition" is "the key of solomon" since that is what the article is about. but there is a book called "the greater key of solomon" by mathers so i'm confused. here are the different books on amazon:
the key of solomon the king by s. l. macgregor mathers
the greater key of solomon by s. l. macgregor mathers
the lesser key of solomon by aleister crowley and s. l. macgregor mathers (i wonder what the difference between the crowley and mathers-only version is?)

anyone care to enlighten me?

update/answer: when you look inside the greater key of solomon the first page has the title "the key of solomon", NOT "the greater key of solomon", so it seems as if my hunch was correct. but the odd thing is that underneath in latin it reads "clavicula salomonis" which translates to "the small/lesser key of solomon". it should read "clavis salomonis" (the key of solomon). in other words "the key of solomon" is the same as "the greater key of solomon".

check the latin to english translation yourself

Iohé Grevis - seer

Iohé Grevis was given power by god to understand the language the key of solomon was written in.
According to the mythical history of the document, as recorded in its introduction, Solomon wrote the book for his son Roboam, and commanded him to hide the book in his sepulchre upon his death. After many years the book was discovered by a group of Babylonian philosophers repairing Solomon's tomb. None could interpret the text, until one of them, Iohé Grevis, suggested that they should entreat the Lord for understanding. The Angel of the Lord appeared to him and extracted a promise that he would keep the text hidden from the unworthy and the wicked, after which he was able to read it plainly. Iohé Grevis then placed a conjuration on the book that the unworthy, the unwise or those who did not fear God would not attain the desired effect from any of the workings contained therein.
reminds me of the joseph smith story.

gifts of god administered in different ways

moroni 10:8
And again, I exhort you, my brethren, that ye deny not the gifts of God, for they are many; and they come from the same God. And there are different ways that these gifts are administered; but it is the same God who worketh all in all; and they are given by the manifestations of the Spirit of God unto men, to profit them
at first i read the word "administered" as "manifested", but maybe it is talking about the act of god giving the gift to someone?...

i'm not labelling this as a question, it is more just food for thought. its not something i lose sleep over (that is not a metaphor btw =)

Q. how do i practice the ministering of angels?

in the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, i hold the aaronic (and melchizedek) priesthood. one holding the aaronic priesthood has the "key" of the ministering of angels. i have never ever heard any instruction on how to use this key (right/permission).

i just read a talk called a royal priesthood by james e. faust, which has interesting information, but not an answer:
I would like to say a word about the ministering of angels. In ancient and modern times angels have appeared and given instruction, warnings, and direction, which benefited the people they visited. We do not consciously realize the extent to which ministering angels affect our lives. President Joseph F. Smith said, "In like manner our fathers and mothers, brothers, sisters and friends who have passed away from this earth, having been faithful, and worthy to enjoy these rights and privileges, may have a mission given them to visit their relatives and friends upon the earth again, bringing from the divine Presence messages of love, of warning, or reproof and instruction, to those whom they had learned to love in the flesh."6 Many of us feel that we have had this experience. Their ministry has been and is an important part of the gospel. Angels ministered to Joseph Smith as he reestablished the gospel in its fulness.
this however seems to have nothing to do with (or not exclusive to) (an exercise of) the aaronic priesthood.

update: just found this wiki page ministering of angels

update: moroni 7:37:
Behold I say unto you, Nay; for it is by faith that miracles are wrought; and it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men; wherefore, if these things have ceased wo be unto the children of men, for it is because of unbelief, and all is vain.

update/answer: the aaronic priesthood and the sacrament, by dallin h. oaks:
But the ministering of angels can also be unseen. Angelic messages can be delivered by a voice or merely by thoughts or feelings communicated to the mind. President John Taylor described “the action of the angels, or messengers of God, upon our minds, so that the heart can conceive … revelations from the eternal world” (Gospel Kingdom, sel. G. Homer Durham [1987], 31).

Nephi described three manifestations of the ministering of angels when he reminded his rebellious brothers that (1) they had “seen an angel,” (2) they had “heard his voice from time to time,” and (3) also that an angel had “spoken unto [them] in a still small voice” though they were “past feeling” and “could not feel his words” (1 Ne. 17:45). The scriptures contain many other statements that angels are sent to teach the gospel and bring men to Christ (see Heb. 1:14; Alma 39:19; Moro. 7:25, 29, 31–32; D&C 20:35). Most angelic communications are felt or heard rather than seen.

How does the Aaronic Priesthood hold the key to the ministering of angels? The answer is the same as for the Spirit of the Lord.

In general, the blessings of spiritual companionship and communication are only available to those who are clean. As explained earlier, through the Aaronic Priesthood ordinances of baptism and the sacrament, we are cleansed of our sins and promised that if we keep our covenants we will always have His Spirit to be with us. I believe that promise not only refers to the Holy Ghost but also to the ministering of angels, for “angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ” (2 Ne. 32:3).
in short, you don't call angels to come visit you, you are entitled to communication initiated by angels/god, in like manner with the (method of communication of) gift of the holy ghost, if you are worthy and believe.

also, the beholding of angels is listed as one of the gifts of the spirit/god (the holy ghost):
And again, to another, the beholding of angels and ministering spirits;

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occult literature

a lot of occult literature can be found free online in one place called also check out the internet sacred texts archive. spiritualis librae also has some interesting info.

i also recommend reading the pages on athena seems to have much experience with magick.

in this list of specific books you'll notice things like the bible and the qur'an. this is because the occult is the search for truth and truth is not confined to just one place.

here's a list of religious texts.

here's my (ongoing) list of important texts:
the old testament
the new testament
the book of mormon
doctrine and covenants
pearl of great price
qur'an (english)
lemegeton (clavicula salomonis) / the lesser key of solomon / Pseudomonarchia Daemonum / goetia
the satanic bible
the satanic scriptures
book of the sacred magic of abramelin the mage
777 And Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley

i am finding that a lot of literature is available online, try searching for the title + pdf, e.g.:
lesser key of solomon pdf

a good idea is to read user reviews of books on amazon, and not just the 5 star ones, read them all. look for reviews with specifics and even recommendations of other books. i always start from the bottom (1 star reviews) then work my way up. exercise caution with books with only 5 stars from only a handful of reviewers.

witchcraft suggestions (i havent reviewed these myself yet):
The Horn of Evenwood by Robin Artisson
Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson
Call of the Horned Piper by Nigel Aldcroft Jackson
Masks of Misrule by Nigel Jackson

see also the list of occult and magick forums.

heres a list of recommended books from the yahoo group 6th & 7th books of moses

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the goetia - spirits of interest

this list is ongoing...
bael - invisibility
agares - languages
bathin - teleporting
vassago - tells of things past and to come (lotto)
marbas - change men into other shapes
glasya labolas - invisibility, teaches all arts in an instant, tells of things past and to come (lotto)

Pseudomonarchia Daemonum (Liber officiorum spirituum) by Johann Weyer
Pseudomonarchia Daemonum according to wikipedia was publish before goetia in the lesser key of solomon, and differs slightly

Q. why are parts of the history of the church (HC) used as scripture, but it is not "sustained" as scripture and not searchable online on

i find it strange/confusing/disappointing that references from e.g. the bible dictionary cite parts of the HC in an authoritative manor:
In latter-day revelation we learn that the angel Michael is Adam, and the angel Gabriel is Noah (HC 3: 386).

but it is not a part of the churches official scriptures and is not searchable online on

udpate: maybe it has something to do with this:
But Jerald and Sandra Tanner, who are noted for their research on Mormonism, point out that
about 60% of the content in the History of the Church was not completed during Smith’s lifetime
(Falsification of Joseph Smith’s History, p. 22). Therefore, Smith couldn’t have written many of
the things ascribed to him in the DHC.
Mormon historian, B. H. Roberts, and those who helped him compile the DHC actually copied
information from other peoples’ journals and put into the DHC to sound like Joseph Smith wrote