Sunday, 17 January 2010

my kundalini reiki 1 situation healing experience

i just tried a kundalini reiki 1 situation healing to heal my impatience. i didnt feel much energy at the beginning, but a little bit a couple of minutes into it, but was really interesting were other ideas that popped up. i got an idea about a way to hide information, if you could somehow write/imprint information on an atom or super small molecule and you would need an electron microscope to magnify it and read the information. i'm sure the concept of writing really small text isnt new, but it was for me. i also felt i was moving on to some other level of consciousness (or after death?) and i stood next to a bronze/dark gold looking statue with a twirling/spiraling arm/pole raised towards heaven with a hight of infinity (or what seemed to be never ending) up into a white cloud of light. it was like an elevator that took me up up up and i could never see the end of it, it just disappeard into light high above my head. all of the sudden i saw what looked like floors we were passing and it stopped at a floor with a pink cushion. i was supposed to get off and sit on that cushion, facing the elevator "shaft" and when i did that the two close walls next to me and everything else just faded into light and i was in my own world. the operation, according to the manual, is supposed to last from around 3-5 minutes. i think i used about 10-15 minutes. i just let the meditation continue. meditating is fun, its kind of like dreaming, which i love to do.


  1. Nice posting. Do you know about these kundalini books?

  2. thanks for the link. note: the free pdfs are 10% of the original documents