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my lemegeton book review

heres my review of the lemegeton - the complete lesser key of solomon, edited by mitch henson.

update: i recommend reading the testament of solomon before starting the lemegeton: http://ur1.ca/jvk6

the book apparently begins on page -1 because chapter 1 (the goetia: book 1) begins on page 3 and the introduction before that is 4 pages long. interesting.

page 0:
beyond that the idea that king solomon might have authored the text bears no discussion.

Q. so king solomon from the old testament didnt write this or this was not information he had in his possession?

page 1:
there is, of course, the famous story of how the two magicians met with bennett remarking that crowley had been messing with the Goetia, where crowley had replied he had done no such thing. later, crowley would, in fact, use the goetia for bennetts benefit.

Q. who are the 2 magicians? it seems to refer to a third person the way it is written with "the" and "remarking that crowley" (was crowley remarking that crowley?).

Q. how did crowley use the goetia for bennetts benefit? where can i find a reference to this story?

page 2:
(fyi) qlippothic refers to evil forces in the mystical teachings of Judaism, such as in the Kabbalah

page 22:
these be the seventy two mighty kings or princes which king solomon commanded into a vessel of brass with their legions.
i cant help but think of aladdin and the genie in the lamp when i read this.

Q. which story came first?

page 23:
prelates may be bound in any hour of the day
a prelate is:
a high-ranking member of the clergy who either is an ordinary or ranks in precedence with ordinaries. The word derives from Latin prælatus, the past participle of præferre, literally, "carry before," or "to be set above, or over," or "to prefer," hence a prelate is one set over others.
Q. i didnt see any spirits called prelates, so which of the 72 spirits are prelates? is prelate the same as prince?

update: the sacred-texts.com article classified list of the 72 chief spirits of the goetia, according to respective rank, seems to agree:
"Prince" and "Prelate" are apparently used as interchangeable terms.

the same goes for Counts:
counts or earls may be bound in any hour of the day...
none of the spirits are listed as Count.
Q. is a count the same as earl?

update: it seems so. a page called the ars goetia defines count as the same at earl, e.g.:
17. Count/President Botis
21. Count/President Marax
22. Count/Prince Ipos
27. Marquis/Count Ronove
note: the lemegeton spells marax as morax.

the circle of solomon is to be made nine feet across and the divine names are to be written around it from ehayou to levanah.
there is no mention earlier in the goetia, or the lemegeton for that matter, of divine names. as a side note, i noticed that ehayou is similar to spirit 14, lerayou. but then it refers to figure A3 to see the circle that solomon made. there is no ehayou or levanah in that figure.

Q. where is the list of divine names? is the original circle solomon made written in hebrew and are the english names in figure A3 just translated incorrectly?

update: looking at figure A3 again, in the inner most ring of names, the last one is spelled jevenah, so i assume that is levenah, but the closest thing i can find to ehayou is eleha. comparing it with the magic circle on esotericarchives.com, i see there that ehayou is spelled ehyeh.
the list of divine names in the lemegeton compared to esotericarchives.com and sacred-texts.com seem to differ:
divine names in lemegeton book, figure A3 (40 names):
outermost line/ring (beginning at sun symbol): jehovah, saboth, nezuh elohim, hanicle, sarfe (?), jehozzah, elohim, bmah aralin zabbathi, el, hesed, hasmalim, zedeck, elohim giber seburah scraphio camael mader, eleha, tiohereth, malachim, raphl, shemes
middle ring: benolohim, michel, cochabt, sadal, sesoel, cheis, cheic hethen harioth, hahades, metatron, retehith, hagallatrin, pill. jod jebouah, horchmah, ophanim, sophiel, masloth
innermost ring: cocah. s saddi, jesod, cherubim, gabriel, jevenah

here they are in a list:
nezuh elohim
sarfe (?)
bmah aralin zabbathi
elohim giber seburah scraphio camael mader
cheic hethen harioth
pill. jod jebouah

the lists on EA and ST are identical so lets see if we can make any matches between them and the lemegeton book.
alphabetized comparison:
benolohim || Beni Elohim
bmah aralin zabbathi || Binah Tzaphquiel Aralim Shabbathai
cheic hethen harioth || Kether Chaioth
cheis || Chai
cherubim || Cherubim
cocah || Kokav
cochabt || ?
el || El
eleha || Ehyeh
elohim || Elohim
elohim giber seburah scraphio camael mader || Elohim Gibor Geburah Kamael Seraphim Madim
gabriel || Gabriel
hagallatrin || Ha-Galgalim
hahades || Ha-Qadesh
hanicle || Haniel
hasmalim || Chaschmalim
hesed || Chesed
horchmah || Chokmah
jehovah || Iehovah
jehozzah || ?
jesod || Iesod
jevenah || Levanah
malachim || Malakim
masloth || Masloth
metatron || Metatron
michel || Michaël
nezuh elohim || ?
ophanim || Auphanim
pill. jod jebouah || ?
raphl || Raphaël
retehith || Rashith
saboth || Tzabaoth
saddi || Shaddaï
sadal || ?
sarfe (?) || ?
sesoel || ?
shemes || Shemesh
sophiel || ?
tiohereth || Tiphereth
zedeck || Tzedeq

ok, so there's 8 i couldnt reasonably match up and im left with these left overs from the ES site:
Iah Ratziel Tzadquiel Iehovah Eloah Va-Da&aulm;th Iehovah Netzach Elohim Nogah Elohim Tzabaoth Hod El

page 24:
with the seal of the spirit on the other side of it?
Q. "other" meaning on the back side of it?

virgin parchment is
that which is taken from an Animal which hath not attained the age of generation, whether it be ram, or kid, or other animal.

page 25:
also a girdle of lions skin 3 inches broad, with all the names about it as are about the outermost round part of the circle.

Q. so the A3 figure is more original than the snake version? with the snake version there is no outermost circle because it winds like a spiral.

Q. so placement of the names is significant?

Q. in the oration and the conjurations, where do all these names of god, e.g. ancor, amacor, amides, come from?

page 26:
Q. why the different spellings of adonai and adonay?

Q. is tetragammaton a spelling error? further down on the same page and in figure A6 it is spelled tetragrammaton. it is spelled correctly on the esoteric archives lemegeton page.

Q. in the second conjuration, are these different names of god used in the hebrew text of the old testament?
it seems that many of these, if not all, are god's secret names according to this webpage list of angels. i found at least something on the name agla. one interesting thought i got from reading that page was that the letter a is the first and last letter in the name alpha and omega.

page/figure A6:
tetragrammaton == god
anaphexaton == god

page 28:
"from ally our office" should be "from all your office"
"into etemal fire" should be "into eternal fire"

Q. amaymon is the king over these 72 spirits (of which many are kings themselves, so amaymon is the king of kings?)?
it would be nice to see this hierarchy more clearly.

page 30:
assafoetidal (asafoetida)
has a pungent, unpleasant smell when raw...This spice is used as a digestive aid, in food as a condiment and in pickles. Its odour, when uncooked, is so strong that it must be stored in airtight containers; otherwise the aroma will contaminate other spices stored nearby. However, its odour and flavor become much milder and more pleasant upon heating in oil or ghee, acquiring a taste and aroma reminiscent of sautéed onion and garlic.

I condem [condemn] thee thou spirit N. into fire everlasting, because thou art disobedient and obeyd not the command, nor kept the precepts of the lord thy god...
this is potentially hypocritical because what if god did this to us when we were disobedient. good thing he doesnt jump to such conclusions, so why should we torment these already tormented spirits even greater?

page 34:
you may perceive by this figure that 20 of these kings have their first mansions and continue in one place, and that the other 11 are moveable and are sometimes in one place and sometimes in another...
this same figure is also referred to on page 33, but you have to go all the way to page B1 (after page 60), the compass theurgia.

Q. but no, i didnt perceive these things by this figure so which ones continue in one place and which ones are moveable? the compass is composed of 3 layers of stars: 7 points/spirits (top), 8 points (middle), 16 points (bottom).

spelling error here:
more inferior then the dukes
should be:
more inferior than the dukes

and now im confused because i just noticed that there are 4 additional names in the compass, written perpendicular to the star points, one name for each direction, north, east, south, west. now there are 35 names on the compass. ok i guess these 4 are spirits who are kings/princes/chief emperors, and the rest are lesser spirits.

page 43:
spelling error:
at a time wth their servants
should be:
at a time with their servants

page 45:
spelling error:
the 14 dukes the belong to the day
should be:
the 14 dukes that belong to the day

page 50:
spelling error:
there cometh 470 of his servant
should be:
there cometh 470 of his servants

page 54:
spelling error:
so ruling in order to serve there prince
should be:
so ruling in order to serve their prince

page 58:
spelling error:
who wandereth hear and there
should be:
who wandereth here and there

spelling error:
should be:

spelling error:
i conjure, command and constrains you spirit N
should be:
i conjure, command and constrain you spirit N

page 62:
there is no mention of what the first hour of the day is called. on page 63 it says:
Anael -- the second hour of the day is called cevorym...
but for samuel it just says that:
the first hour of any day is ruled by the angel called samuel
every other hour of the day and night begins by stating what that hour is called.

Q. is samuel the same as the prophet samuel in the old testament, whom the witch of endor conjured?

Q. what does the lord of the ascendant mean? who is the lord and who is the ascendant? is samuel the lord and the ascendant is one of the 8 dukes mentioned? in the case of the conjuration of samuel, who is his lord? god?

Q. and what is the character of the lord of the ascendant? is this samuels character?:

this one differs from the one in the book in that the top left symbol in the book is the zodiac sign of taurus, it doesnt have the cross on the bottom of the circle, it is only a circle with horns on top. the one is this image is the symbol of the planet mercury.

after that the characters of the sign that ascendeth on the 12 house in that hour that is shown in this sigil which is fitted for the 10th day of march in the year 1641, being on a wednesday in the first house
* first of all i would put a comma here: after that, the ...
* is that supposed to be: the 12th house... ?
* which sigil?
* after the word sigil i get completely lost!

update: i got a clarification for my page 62 questions on the solomonic yahoo group forum

Q. can you only conjure samuel in the first hour of the day? dont they switch hours and responsibilities over time? if so, how do i find out who has what hour today?

page 64:
Q. the sixth hour of the day is called genapherim. it reminds me of cherubim and how it is translated wrong in the bible where it is referring once to a singular, when -im is plural. is this name also wrong?

page 66:
just noticed an odd inconsistency in the first sentence of each day (probably doesnt have any significance, but):
the first hour of any day...
the second hour of the day...
the 3d [sic] hour of any day...
the 4th hour of any day...
the 5th hour of every day...
the 6th hour of the day...
the 7th hour of the day...
the 8th hour of every day...
the 9th hour of every day...
the 10th hour of every day...
the 11th hour in every day...
the 12th hour of every day...

page 71:
o thou mighty great and potent angel samael...
Q. spelling error? why the different spelling from samuel on page 62?
the same misspelling on pages 72 and 73

by devine permission
devine should be divine

the 12 hour
should be 12th

angell should be angel

in the conjuration: 12 house should be 12th house

page 72:
lots of unnecessary repitition in this conjuration.

page 73:
rulleth and rulling should be ruleth and ruling

when you have done.
should be when you have done this or so

page 84:
geni reminds me of genii/jinn

page 85:
according to lds theology, the angel gabriel is noah, so it makes perfect sense that he governs watery signs. interesting.

Q. what do "little children or women delighting in hunting" look like?

page 87:
o mappa la man
is spelled different than on page 72:
why? the one on page 95 is also different from these! this is the worst editing i have ever seen.

page 89:
in the maddle of it
should be middle

page 93:
you are to doin all things
should be do in

page 94:
working, But should be working, but

page 95:
in and throwgh should be in and through

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