Saturday, 27 February 2010

lds apostle is a special witness of the *name* of jesus christ?

An Apostle is a special witness of the name of Jesus Christ in all the world (see D&C 107:23). The Apostles administer the affairs of the Church throughout the world.

i wonder if this is a typo?

update: no, its not a typo, i also read it in the reed smoot hearing transcript
it is also worded that way in the doctrine and covenants:
The twelve traveling councilors are called to be the Twelve Apostles, or special witnesses of the name of Christ in all the world—thus differing from other officers in the church in the duties of their calling.

the weird thing is that the seventy are defined as what you would assume the apostles to be defined as:
Seventies are special witnesses of Jesus Christ to the world

but another weird thing is that on the gospel principles page on it states the opposite:
A prophet, acting under the direction of the Lord, leads the Church. This prophet is also the President of the Church. He holds all the authority necessary to direct the Lord's work on earth (see D&C 107:65, 91). Two counselors assist the President. Twelve Apostles, who are special witnesses of Jesus Christ, teach the gospel in all parts of the world. Other general officers of the Church with special assignments include the Presiding Bishopric and the Quorums of the Seventy.

reference: apostles no longer special witnesses of jesus christ. who knew?

Friday, 26 February 2010

the lds church and its finances

when asked by somebody "why would you want to know about what the lds church leadership does with its money?", i have several responses:
* why wouldnt i want to know how the money i have been donating for over 25 years is being used?
* i have worked as a ward financial secretary several times for a period of several years and the church leadership has strict rules and checks to see what we were doing with the money, so why shouldnt it go both ways? a majority of the church members have literally no way of knowing how the church funds are being spent.
* unless the church funds are literally only being administered by angels (no pun intended), then it seems only rational to have transparency to protect the finances from human error and abuse.
* i have always been taught that the lds church has no paid clergy. there are rumors that some church leaders are earning 6 figure and up towards 7 figure salaries. what would you think about that if that was proven to be true?

here is a petition requesting financial transparency in the lds church

math fun with the numbers 0 to 9

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
you need to add an odd and an even number to get another odd number

even numbers can only be made by adding 2 even numbers together

the sum is the same as the 2 middle numbers 4 and 5

every odd number is also equal to the 2 middle numbers between it and 0, e.g.:

the sum of every 2 outer numbers is also equal to the sum of the next inner pair of outer numbers, e.g.:
0+9 == 1+8 == 2+7 == 3+6 == 4+5

this also works no matter where you start the first pair of outer numbers, e.g.:
0+8 == 1+7 == 2+6 == 3+5 == 4(+ itself, 4)

Numerology Facts & Trivial facts of all ten Arabic numerals?

Thursday, 25 February 2010

what are some major and recent revelations from lds prophets?

Q. i'm wondering what the most recent significant revelations from prophets of the lds church are?

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

nancy winchester married to joseph smith before she was 16

some say nancy was married to joseph smith at 14 and some say 15. the fact is that she could have at most have been 15 years old. here's why:
nancy winchester was born on august 10, 1828.
joseph smith was murdered on june 27, 1844. nancy was still 15 years old.
nancy winchester was married ("for time", thats lds for non-temple/eternal marriage) to heber c kimball on october 10, 1844.
in the same record it shows she was married to joseph smith on february 3, 1846. but joseph was dead. this means she was sealed [celestial/temple/eternal marriage] to him in the temple, for time and all eternity. this is the evidence that her marriage to heber c kimball was for time, and that she had been married to joseph smith earlier, before his death, otherwise she would have just been sealed to heber c kimball. thus, nancy was at most 15 years old when she married joseph smith when he was alive.

interestingly, the record also shows that nancy was married to yet another man later on, amos arnold, even before heber c kimball died. i found one persons opinion as to the reason for this:
...and then you see that women like Nancy Winchester weren't done being "traded" by their Mormon-leader husbands...
...'cause @ age 37, Heber Kimball traded still childless Nancy Winchester to yet another arranged marriage with Amos Arnold -- so that she could indeed have a child...

josephy smith, brigham young and polyandry

apparently joseph smith married women who were already married to living members of the lds church, as did brigham young. i looked at zina huntington as a case: (note: the name Zina just happens to be an arabic word for adultery: زناً)

here are records from the lds church site confirming the marriages:®ion=11®ionfriendly=North+America&frompage=99®ion=11®ionfriendly=North+America&frompage=99®ion=11®ionfriendly=North+America&frompage=99®ion=-1®ionfriendly=&frompage=99

diony-sus and je-sus - virgin born savior gods

i thought this was interesting. both names end in sus, dionysus and jesus. both are born of a virgin and both can be deemed as saviors (ragnar redbeard's might is right or survival of the fittest) =)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

god a heavenly father

it is difficult to imagine god as a heavenly father according to how he is portrayed in the bible. god seems more like a powerful entity one should fear, but also who one can ask for help.

i am beginning to lean more towards a view of god as a powerful creator instead of a "father". i am thankful for what i feel have been hundreds if not thousands of "answered prayers", meaning i have gotten what ive asked for. but i, in no way, know god to the degree that my own children know me, their father. the whole idea that god is our father and has sent us here to earth and wiped out our memory of premortal life so that we can prove our obedience and show faith, as taught by lds doctrine, seems rather unnecessary to me. if the point is that we show our worthiness by obedience, this test is still valid even if we know who god is. we are presented with commandments and we still would have to exercise our free agency and choose to be obedient in the face of "temptation". i mean, such an existence has already happened according to lds doctrine in the great council of heaven. there everyone was presented with a choice, to choose jesus' plan or lucifers plan. we knew god and were given a choice to be obedient to god. so we had to choose to be obedient to god by choosing jesus' plan that would test our obedience to god again. only this time, we're going to be born not knowing who he is, he will never show himself to us (except maybe for a few people), you have to be perfectly obedient by the time you die, to be able to come back to live with him. but some might say "but we chose this, we chose to follow jesus' plan". but if we didnt choose this, then we would not get physical bodies and would be banished as devils, together with lucifer. what choice did we really have?

Thursday, 18 February 2010

lon milo duquette's my life with the spirits - my book review

lon's autobiography, my life with the spirits, is witty, funny, humble and full of interesting stories and first hand experiences with magick. i couldnt and didnt want to put it down! i read it in two consecutive nights. i think if i were to pick the one greatest thing i learned from this book was his account of his first goetic evocation where he was giving the entity a deadline and felt that the entity was trying to change lon's mind to stretch the deadline and not make it so short and when he realized it he got angry and shouted and commanded the entity to stop and to obey his deadline. i recognize myself in that situation and thought "i can do the same thing", banish all doubt and creators of doubt. i control what i want. i control my mind. there are other things i learned from this book too. i definitely recommend it to everyone who isnt an omnipotent magickian (everyone) =)
i have not been so enraptured in a book since highschool, reading my double digit collection of dean r koontz novels (i dont read novels anymore).

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

questions for the lds church

im labeling this one uq AND aq because i feel at least some of these questions are rhetorical. this is an ongoing list of things i have been thinking about for a long time.

heres a simple case set:
you are a father/mother and have 4 children; sonA and daughterA choose to be baptized and become members of the lds church and sonB and daughterB chose not to become a member, but all live equally "worthy",

* the gift of the holy ghost - an "open line" to guidance from god as long as one lives "worthy".
would you restrict or down-prioritize contact with sonB because he chose not to be baptized (lower himself down into some water), even though he lived just as "worthy" as sonA? would you be less inclined to speedily help daughterB when she asked you for help or guidance?
(this is an example of one of the rhetorical questions =)

along the same lines, if we are asked to have unconditional love, to mirror jesus christ, in other words, god/jesus christ have unconditional love, and god is no respecter of persons, then i cant get this to add up.

* also similar to the previous question, if baptism is a requirement to return to god and live with him and inherit everything he has. would you give your children a mandate that they must lower themselves underneath water and make them promise to be obedient to you, otherwise they get no inheritance or a lot less inheritance from you when you die? and furthermore, not be allowed to live in your presence forever more? i dont know of anybody on earth who does this, although there might be some who do, but i think the general public opinion would think that person is unloving and wicked and unfair. if daughterB said to you, "father, i dont see any point in lowering my self down in some water, but i will promise to live to be as loving and nice of a person as daughterA", would you still say "then you will never see my face again" or "then you will get no inheritance from me" or "well i will have to cut your inheritance to half of daughterA and i will never allow you to come to this house again. i want to see you go down in some water. that is the most important part! this is what is really important to me!".
(another example of a rhetorical question)

(as of writing this i am still a member of the lds church)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

psalms of significance for magick

here i am starting an ongoing list of psalms that magick practitioners deem significant:
for fortune:
psalm 32
psalm 57
psalm 65

for cleansing yourself of sin:
psalm 24
psalm 51
psalm 136

sixth and seventh books of moses yahoo group - Robinson

update: take a look at joseph petersons magical psalms list

Monday, 15 February 2010

a conversation about life, choices, rules and religion

a conversation i had recently with someone in oslo:



about daniel?


yeah i never remembered reading that before

im wondering where the limits go..

hvor går grensene...for hva som er godt og hva som ikke er godt..

i think it all depends on you yourself

tror ikke det er det vi opplever som "magi" som ikke er godt

how you feel


i think we limit ourselves

how much one can take..

you can choose not to limit yourself

i am kind of experimenting with this

so CH do you still live in EVJN?

i remember meeting you and your sister, but only for a day or two

husker jeg fikk i en velsignelse en gang...ser dine spm om ting som er viktig..mye mellom himmel og jord vi ikke forstår men kan ikke si alt nå..

and i remember tnns or whatever his name was

d var nesten før jeg var bevisst mine egne spm;)

så hvilke spørsmål har du?

so we only met twice he he...i remember you well..


we all had a waterfight in EVJN..

i live in oslo

oh cool

LHZ and DZ in EVJN

we live in BRGNN



is DZ some kind of returned missionary?


form new york..

i thought i remembered something about that

they met in EVJN..

is he ok?

for your sister?

yes he is!

thats good

he is a good man! i remember my grandmother...


she liked him!

and she has good vibes;)

so do you stilll relate to the church?

we go every now and then

im still in a reevaluation process of everything i believe in

reading a lot of different philosophies

i still think the lds church has good intentions and the world would be a nicer place to live if everybody was nice like jesus (but not necessarily mormon) :):) i am no fan of mormon culture though

i feel very different than many people in the church, like i cant relate/understand them


how do you feel about the gospel?

and there are certain things that i dislike or think actually arent relevant

ill have to think about it and make a list, i have been wanting to do this for a while now

the gospel in general i feel is a good thing

i cant let go of it i think..

but i think sometimes certain rules overstep peoples privacy or are based on some kind of long christian tradition

there are many things about the culture im not a great fan of..

like masturbation, for example

i just really cant see that this should be a big deal

and i remember growing up feeling ashamed, and i dont want to feel that way, i think it is a great tool that can help a lot of people live better lives

especially in marriage

you asked, so im explaining myself :):)

if you look at the word "onanering" in norwegian, it is completely wrong

if you read the story of onan, it has nothing to do with masturbation, it is about coitus interruptus

meaning that instead of inseminating the woman to produce offspring for his dead brother (he was commanded to do this), he pulled out instead right before ejaculation

sorry, but i think this is important :):)

its ok..

yeah like you, i am not letting go of the church, i dont think i have to either

i think like you the end we choose our limits..

there is much good, and i will hold onto the good and disregard what i feel is not right

but the guidence is there to help..


there are much i could contribute with..

also i think many people in the church suffer from some sort of rameumptom complex

buts to me its a bit personal..

yes and it should be personal

i dont like the idea of people mediating between me and god

unless i feel it is of some help and i have asked for it

i understand..

like nephi...figure it out in your own mind and then ask me..

i dont like how many people in the church act as if lds are gods chosen people

yeah right

good example

i try to do that

but sometimes i know im trying to figure it out on my own cause im afarid wht his answer will be;)


i think thats my gretest question...

well, i think in the end it is gods responsibility to prove himself and his doctrines to us

i always compare my relationship to him, with my own kids

i expect god to be even nicer to me and more understanding and loving to me than i am with my own kids

and dont misread that

i am trying to be the best father i can be for them

but i feel that an omnipotent god is a lot more advanced and capable than i am

i dont put my kids to tests and ask them to do meaningless stuff and i try to explain as best i can the rewards they will get if they do what i ask of them

i always want to help them learn and grow and be happy and find out what they want to do with their lives

i understand..but i also like the principle that...if you want some tougher muscles you must lift some heavy wights..?

the balance between there is the art...

between lead and let go...

yes there is a balance, and that balance is different for everyone


my children are all very different

some things work for some or one of them only

or none



i know...

so i guess that s the question...

thinking out loud here... back to masturbation, it has been around for mans entire existence and is never mentioned in any of the scriptures...

hvor er mine grenser...?

ja, det er det du som bestemmer til syvende og sist

and when the church makes rules of how people can dress, i feel that is wrong

they should have nothing to do with fashion

but do you understand the principle?

the thing is that fashions change, what is acceptable today wasnt acceptable before...

it has nothing to do with any eternal truth

hey..adam and eve felt natural being nakes.;);)


naked...thers a bueuty in that..

there is actually a mormon nudist forum on the internet :):)

i saw an interesting movie the other day with peter o'toole, where he said "the most beautiful thing a man will ever see in his lifetime is the body of a naked woman"

i have to somewhat agree :):)

god has seen everybody naked too so.... and think about spirits roaming around, they see everything too :):)

i dont think theres another answer than we already know..we are just searching and trying pushing the gresser..


i was talking to a friend the other day, hes lds, and we were talking about healing, and he said, i kid you not, i think anybody who heals, who is not doing it by the priesthood is doing it by the poewr of the devil. i was completely shocked


so what does he think about the light of christ then?

i cant believe some people can be so narrow minded

i talked to ole podhorny...he said..there is diffrence on healers..

yeah i think i mentioned something about that, and that god has people/prophets all over the world, the lds church even teaches this

there are also stories of a pioneer woman who healed some oxen

she didnt just heal a person, she healed animals

what did he say?

he said it depens on the healer...

yes i think so too

det er forskjell på han..

i talked alot with a lady who reads energy...

gets "bilder"...på det du er osv..

yes there are people with good intentions and people with bad intentions, some have mixed intentions


i think few things are black and white

but pure..

all white..;);)

my wife and i have been watching shows like "åndednes makt" and "jakten på den 6. sans" and it has really opened my eyes

bacause he is able to see the whole picture and konsekvenser..

but i think the whole picture is constantly in motion because people have free will

part of the "whole picture"

at least

what di you mean?

it depends on how you define "the whole picture"


im thinking with gods knowledge..

im often thinking about the story about the son who went away and came back...the big party that was thrown at him..

and i remember thinking..but he had alot of experience out there..

and the son home...faithful servant..

i often felt like him...


how do you define the whole picture?

i think maybe i cant because i dont know what really is out there, i dont gods position, i think we need more info about who god really is and his relationship to everything else in the multiverse

i dont know gods position


is he outside of our universe? are there multiple universes? (multiverse)

the lds church teaches that he has a father, etc, and that everything is eternal

but science has shown that at least our solar system is about 4.6 billion years old, so things have a beginning and most likely an end

so it is hard to say what the whole picture really is, i know what i know, but i also "know" that there are things i dont know

if you know what im talking about? :):)


i just thought about what you said about human and whole picture..

all samples of the earth, moon, mars and meteorites date no further back than 4.6 billion years

i think that is interesting

and significant

but didnt god create earth..


cant a planet end but our exixtance not end?

there is something called the cambrian explosion that points to the theory of a creation

maybe i dont understand your point of view?


yes i think we are spirit inside of a physical body

there is way too much evidence to be able to deny that

so if a planet ends, we as spirit will continue, i believe

so how does a planets end contridicts with everything eternal?

but where is the question


since spirits from earth live on earth

if earth was suddenly blown to pieces by a star wars death star, where would all the spirits go?

åndeverden..he he

i just meant that the beginning was interesting, but we have no explanation about the beginning of god

but åndeverdenen is here on earth

according to lds doctrine


just in another consciousness?

well we normally dont see spirits, but many people do, and researches have definitely proven the existance of their energy

spirit is a physical energy

but wherer d they help them over to the other side?

in some form of matter

and does lds teach this?

exactly, i am still trying to learn more about that "føre dem over til den andre siden"

i dont understand that


but the lds church teeches that åndeverdenen is here on earth?

in alma it says that when a spirit leaves the body it is immediately returned to the god that made it

but if chirst has a physical perfect body?

but this has to be a figure of speech

or can be true in some cases and in other places regarded as a figure of speech, it must have multiple meanings

well christ was given a resurrected body

and the lds church believes everybody will be given one at one point in time, and that many dead have already received their perfect body

the first resurrection is happening already, and started with the resurrection of christ

it is not something in the future

it started 2000 years ago

men jeg har forstått at de venter på tusenårsriket?

and will continue throughout "the millenium", which also has theoretically started

tror du at vi trenger dåp? og tempelekteskap?

alle må sikkert vente en stund, men de som må vente til etter tusenårsriket er de som skal stå opp i den andre oppstandelsen"

og de som har stått opp nå?

jeg er ikke sikker på det egentlig

i feel so scizofrenic..i just waht to be free and happy and enjoy life..

de som har stått opp vet jeg ikke hvor er, her, hos gud??

begge steder


but im still so dependent on understanding to be able to choose..

i suggest you live free and enjoy life then :):)

and keep reading and thinking and when you truly feel that something sticks and feels right, then stick with it

like i said, it is truly gods responsibility to prove himself to us. he has sent us here and taken away our memory of the pre-existance, theoretically speaking

but we said yes..

we were told that we said yes

we chose to do this experience..

you dont remember saying yes do you?

but thats the point...a part of the challenge..

the lady ive been talking to say these..we chose to go down here to do our experiences on this level of energy..

but god has put us in a state of no knowledge so it really is up to him to reveal himself to us

we cannot comprehend god if he doesnt help


but i think its all there?

well then you're convinced then?


hehe about what?

that god exists?

about everything you're wondering about

if i erase my childrens memory and put them on an island, can i expect that they will find me without me doing anything?

no i cant see cnseqenses of all things..

can i expect them to believe that they are my children and that i exist unless i show myself to them and reinstate their memory?

i think we are given way too little information and not enough understanding about eternal consequences, both good and bad

what can we really expect after this life?

some might say "everything that god has". but what does he have?

we have no clue

we know practically nothing about anything outside of this life

but isnit it the same things we experience here..just in another level??

so start imagine?;)

i dont know, is it?

the power of our thoughts...

and effect...

in gods glory one think and make and physical effect maybe..

if everyone is going to be resurrected, would there be put a physical barrier between me and my wife in the afterlife if we hadnt been married in the temple so we couldnt have sex, for example?

what IS temple marriage really+


what IS sealing children to their parents really for, when each of our children will be off doing things with their spouses? what is the whole point?

these are things i havent found answers to yet

i dont mean to appear negative CH, i am just asking honest questions :):) and i am still open and searching for answers to them :):)

it says one place...themple ordinances is to bond hele menneskeslekten..

ok, but why?

bond them how?

why do i haveto suffer for my parents mistakes?

right :):)

why do a whole generation suffer from another generations choices..


i told this to my brother in law..he isaid..your trying to find a loop hole,)

i think he is right;)

why was there ever any need for blacks to be denied the priesthood for thousands of years?

but then you have physical laws..

i dont think he is right

and dna..

i think those are honest questions

but my intention...

is trying to find o loop hole..

well, yes only you know your intentions :):)

i knew that before he joked about it..

but maybe you are trying to find a loophole because you cant understand some things

you are trying to find a loophole for a reason

its wndering if im the weak soul who is in need of bounderies to be good..

maybe you are and maybe that is good for you

the important thing is that you find what is good for you and makes you happy

apparently god wants us to be happy

I want to be happy :):)

people say the gospel is a plan of happiness, i am still trying to find out the meaning of this

i dont know if i have ever felt happy

i am happy when i get answers to my prayers and get what i want

dragging my children to church when they dont want to go is not happiness and is only stress

but the again do you have the whole picture of who you are as a soul?

i have usually only felt restricted by certain rules

no i do not

i dont have the "whole picture"

i dont understand everything

we should be given the "whole picture" on a silver platter, then decide and choose where we go and what we do

that wouldnt erase the need for faith

it would give us correct information to base our decisions on

we would still have to have faith that we would get promised rewards

but how would you be tested on following direction of love and faith?

i really think we have way too little information to base our decisions on, so we have to choose to live in a way that makes us happy, based on the information we have, no one can expect any more than that

by my actions

if i show love, if i am obedient

again i relate it to my relationship between me and my children

i explain the rules, i tell them the reward for obedience and the consequences for disobedience, and why obedience to the rules is important

i dont just tell them to do something and say "just trust me"

it is unfair and unkind to keep them in the dark

i WANT them to understand what i understand, so they can live happily

but isnt there a joy in trying some things for the dark and then experience how one is able to find the way

my whole purpose is to give them a better life than i have had, to avoid the mistakes i have made, but in the end after i have given them my knowledge it is still up to them to choose for themselves

but should we just let our children sit at the table and starve so they can figure out how to make food for themselves


there is a time for everything, yes

i also know i will not always be with them everywhere they go

and i will die sometime too, hopefully before they die

so they will get enough opportunities to learn on their own :):)

are you a parent?

so we are always on..hvor går grensene...til hvilken tid er hva rett?


once you become a parent, your world and way of thinking will be taken to a new/different level

it is something you have to experience :I)

yes probably..

grensene, tror jeg er noe vi bør sette hver for oss

but i still watch my sisters being moms..and how they do it..

it isnt the same :):)

trust me


it will be completely different when THEIR future hangs in your hands :):)

responsibility is a funny ingredient


Thursday, 11 February 2010

tesla coil to help goetic spirit manifest

a magickian by the name of Richard shares that he uses a tesla coil when evoking a goetic spirit to "feed" the spirit energy so it can fully manifest:
I used a teslacoil for the spirit to feed off of to fully manifest you must remember spirits need energy to feed from to appear or you will get no result and sometimes the energy we raise is not enough for them to fully manifest
interesting =)

ive ordered the worlds smallest tesla coil (BTC10) to test out this theory with. i dont know if this one is powerful enough, but it says that it can deliver 75 KV (75,000 kilovolts), which is a lot of volts.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

chakra and brainwave frequency audio

i started creating sine wave audio files for a list of chakra and brainwave frequencies.

kundalini reiki remote healing patient 3

i did kundalini reiki remote healing for a third person (hbh) today who is just temporarily sick with something going around.

update: patient 3 got well the following day =)

Sunday, 7 February 2010

kundalini reiki remote healing "project" 2

i have someone close to me in my family with an incurable disease, jrb, so yesterday (20100206) i did remote healing session 1 and today i have done session 2.

update: i did a third remote healing session last night 20100207. when im doing it im imagining myself standing next to the person and moving my hands in a counterclockwise motion to release bad energy, then reversing the motions and going clockwise to send good energy back into the persons body.

update: i did a fourth remote healing session today 20100208

update: i did a fifth remote healing session last night 20100208 while listening to a 0.5 Hz sine wave from my chakra and brainwave frequency audio collection and my mind seemed really clear and i felt really focused.

update: i did a sixth and seventh remote healing session today, 20100209, for jrb. the last one i was jerked out of suddenly because fabh started choking on a hotdog =) this last time i felt like i should rethink my "words" (inside my head) better and ask that whatever is causing the disease and its symptoms be removed from jrb's body and mind and emotions, instead of just "that the disease be removed".

update: i did an eighth remote healing session today, 20100211 for jrb. i expounded upon the words i found last time, in my mind, being even more detailed in what i wanted to remove and replace.

update: i did a ninth and tenth remote healing session yesterday and today, 20100213 and 20100214. this last time i tried wording it as if the disease had been taken away already.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

the crossroads spirit - the big black man

this is pretty cool, the crossroads "ritual":
"If you want to learn how to make songs yourself, you take your guitar and you go to where the road crosses that way, where a crossroads is. Get there, be sure to get there just a little 'fore 12 that night so you know you'll be there. You have your guitar and be playing a piece there by yourself...A big black man will walk up there and take your guitar and he'll tune it. And then he'll play a piece and hand it back to you. That's the way I learned to play anything I want." from "Tommy Johnson" by David Evans (London: Studio Vista, 1971). [Thanks to Debbie Sexton ( for sourcing this material.]

god hardened pharaohs heart

interesting, i wonder why god would purposefully harden pharaohs heart? god sends moses to free israel, but then tells moses that he will make pharaoh not let israel go free:
And the Lord said unto Moses, When thou goest to return into Egypt, see that thou do all those wonders before Pharaoh, which I have put in thine hand: but I will harden his heart, that he shall not let the people go.
its obvious from this that freeing israel wasnt gods only purpose with moses' visit. its either something personal with ramses, moses or wanting to show miracles, probably a combination of everything.

god makes people dumb, deaf and blind

an interesting scripture i read today in the old testament. this is god talking to moses:
And the Lord said unto him, Who hath made man’s mouth? or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? have not I the Lord?

Friday, 5 February 2010

my kundalini reiki 3 attunement experience

i started by doing the normal kundalini reiki meditation first, then something came up and i was finally able to start the third attunement about an hour later. i listened to an alpha binaural beat with some earplug headphones while i was meditating, to help me concentrate because of some background noise. it helped. i tried concentrating on myself and on breathing slowly, deeply, holding my breath a couple of seconds in between each in and out breath and felt really relaxed and really away from the world after a while. it kind of reminded me of what ive heard about astral travel (ive never tried this before). i was just trying to travel around to different places in my mind and felt like i had tons of energy and wanted to just break/explode out of my body. my hands were tingling pretty much the whole time (they normally do when i meditate). i didnt feel any waves of energy coming into me, but it felt good anyways =) i did feel energy in my hands though.

earlier today, before my normal kundalini reiki meditation, i did a remote healing for someone close to me.

my new cosmology website -

i began my new search for truth late last year after having seen many episodes of shows like studio fem - fra den andre siden, psychic kids, america's psychic challenge, and åndenes makt. i had also started to read about magick and became interested in the word occult, which i saw defined somewhere as a search for truth. i used that word as a base and started a blog called my search for truth (with the web address

since then i have read many books and many articles on the web. i read one day the wikipedia article for cosmology, which is defined, in short, as the study of the universe. i immediately felt happy inside of me and felt that THIS was exactly what i want to study: everything! i could never get bored of that! i saw this because my "problem" (expressed as such by others, not by myself) has always been that i get interested in one thing and then learn enough about it to satisfy my curiosity, then something new comes along and i study this new subject. often i go back and revisit things i have studied before as my understanding grows (and my understanding that i didnt actually know enough about the subject as i should/wanted to). so i like to move around, i like intellectual freedom =)

then i saw a video by david sereda called evidence the case for nasa ufos (this is only a 5 minute preview, you need to go to another site to see the whole thing). the introduction to the video is by dan aykroyd. in his monologue, aykroyd mentions the word multiverse. the multiverse is a hypothetical collection of multiple possible universes that collectively comprise everything that physically exists. the word multiverse, the real everything, became my new focus.

i looked into buying one of these domain names:,,, etc. everything was taken and nothing was being used or being used in the manner of the context i have just described. then i got an idea from the open microblogging site i use quite frequently: why not look into getting a swedish top level domain? in norway you have to be a registered company to own a .no domain name, but just my "luck", such wasnt the case in sweden BUT the domain name was already owned BUT it expired in 3 days! it seemed too good to be true, that i was sure that it wouldnt be renewed by the previous owner because it was only being parked, it wasnt being used, and everything seemed to be right and feel right about this. is perfect because there is nothing extra in the name, no .com or .org. sure enough it wasnt renewed and i bought it! so, welcome to the multiverse!

with my new focus on the multiverse, i saw it fit to change my blog address as well, so i have moved it here to ill leave the old occult blog going for a while until this one is fully indexed, then ill delete it. but only a single day after moving it, 25% of it is already indexed in google. you might wonder why i chose amultiverse? well, every possible combination of multiverse by itself or together with the word blog or the has been taken, but amultiverse is short and actually it fits perfectly with the hypotheticalness of the term multiverse.

how to cleanse a ring of energy

i was watching the norwegian tv show studio fem - den andre siden last night and a lady on the show was ill and she gave her ring to 2 psychics on the show, gro helen tørum and lena ranehag, and they said the ring was filled with an enormous amount of energy, both bad and good, and that this might be what is causing this woman to be ill or at least compounding her illness. the ring is old and has been worn by several generations of women in this womans family so all their energy has been trapped in the ring. lena ranehag said that if you want to clean the ring of its stored energy then you put it in water with a spoonful of chunky salt (unground [grovsalt in norwegian]) and let it sit overnight.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

my kundalini reiki remote healing experience

someone close in our family was found unconscious on a train the other day and was rushed to the hospital. he was diagnosed with a bleeding in the brain and was in a coma. i did kundalini reiki remote healing for him 3 times and he woke up the same day!
i focused on him waking up and being normal and that is exactly what happened. i envisioned where he was in the hospital, exactly where in the room, against which wall and facing a certain way and when i finally visited him in the hospital it was exactly how i had seen it in my mind =) i also envisioned myself standing next to his body in the hospital and moving my hands above his body in counter clockwise motions to take out bad energy and then afterwards in clockwise motions to replenish him with good energy. i give thanks to god and the universe for this experience. i still have not called in my kundalini reiki attunement 3 yet, so i did this remote healing as only an attunement level 2.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

my kundalini reiki 2 attunement experience day 2.13

ive been sick the last couple of days so my meditation hasnt been "top quality". last night i fell asleep in bed doing 2.13.

Monday, 1 February 2010

elemental composition of spirit matter

im reading a book called teach yourself electricity and electronics fourth edition and it mentions hydrogen and helium and lithium as the lightest elements in the universe, in that order, and it got me to thinking about spirit matter. assuming it also is made up of the same elements as everything else in the universe, spirit matter should be detectable by testing/looking for the lightest elements in the periodic table of elements. doesnt that seem logical?

my kundalini reiki 2 attunement experience day 2.11 + 2.12

basically last night, 2.11 was the same as 2.7. i did it in bed and fell asleep.

tonight i did it sitting up on the sofa. i meditated exactly 9 minutes. i feel very clear in my mind, but i get thoughts all the time, reminders of things i have to do, etc. i'm not feeling the energy that the manual describes should be flowing into my body.

lds change of attitude towards other churches

from joseph smith's first vision:
I was answered that I must join none of
them, for they were all wrong; and the Personage who addressed me said
that all their creeds were an abomination in his sight; that those
professors were all corrupt; that: they draw near to me with their
lips, but their hearts are far from me, they ...teach for doctrines the
commandments of men, having a form of godliness, but they deny the
power thereof.

this seems kind of contradictory to what is taught today in the lds church:
You know and we know that there are many good people in other churches.
There is much of good in them. Your family and your prior religious
traditions may have taught you many good things and established many
good habits. As the Apostle Paul said, Prove all things; hold fast
that which is good
(1 Thessalonians 5:21). Bring the good things with you, keep them, and use them in the Lord's service.
taken from A Perfect Brightness of Hope—to New Members of the Church

update: someone suggested that the first vision quote only referred to the local churches in joseph smiths area that he was investigating.

Q. is this the case?