Wednesday, 20 January 2010

my kundalini reiki meditation experience day 2.1

this is the meditation suggested to do after doing the second attunement. i felt pretty much nothing and struggled to get thoughts out of my head, but then i decided to try and call upon bael and ask to find help learning how to become invisible, but then i felt that that wasnt my first and utmost desire right now and i talked out (with help from him? i dont know, i just felt my thoughts were guided) what i have come to realize is my greatest desire right now (right behind becoming financially independent):
the power to choose patience instead of anger
the power to turn off sexual desire when it cannot properly be expressed

just knowing this gives me the correct direction for my life right now. thank you kundalini reiki (and god and/or bael if you helped. i mention god because i feel many times he directs my thoughts and gives me answers to questions through my thoughts).

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