Saturday, 2 January 2010

i was given the answer

we had some friends over for new years last night and we ended up playing the game where everybody has a name of a person (fantasy or real) taped to their forehead and the object is to ask "yes/no questions" until you figure out who "you" are. after i had asked like 3 questions i got an impression or a word was put into my head (3rd eye? i saw it and "heard" it: santa claus [the actual word was julenissen, but im translating it here]). i immediately second guessed and thought about asking an additional question, but then i decided to just go with what i felt i was given, my first impression, and i asked "am i santa claus?". yes.

i had a similar experience the day before where i got up in the morning and took a shower, then after i got out i guessed what the time was and then i second guessed myself, but then stopped myself and said that i would stick with my first impression and i was right. for some reason i am able to guess the time quite accurately, and i do it often.

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