Thursday, 22 April 2010

prayer experience - find the pendulum

the other day i couldnt find one of my pendulums, i tried using another pendulum to find it, but with no luck (although it was in one of the 2 places the pendulum said it was). i prayed to god that he would return it to me soon. a couple of days later my wife found it, not far from where i saw it last, and in a place i swear i looked before (i looked through the whole house!)...
thanks god

st. anthony invocation rhyme when something is lost

according to a user (kiaa gaqiaecim) on the conjure yahoo group, if you want to find something you use this invocation:
St Anthony, St Anthony
Please come around;
Something is lost
And can't be found.
ill have to try this next time i lose something.

update 20100425
my son lost something the other day and i called upon st. anthony in my mind only and i found what was lost quickly after =) thanks st. anthony!

Monday, 19 April 2010

my first hoodoo spell - honey jar sweetening spell

tonight i did my first hoodoo spell and the candle is burning as i write =) i did a honey jar sweetening love spell
the funny thing was that the only red candle i could find in the house was one made/rolled out of honeycomb =) double the sweetness!
for the oil i used a baby oil which has a special meaning between me and the person i am casting the spell on ;) (wink)
the first time i tried writing the intention around the name cross i lifted the pen accidentally so i had to start over =)
and even though my hair isnt long i was still able to tie the two hairs together =)
i forgot to take a picture of the spell paper before i put it into the honey jar....dangit!

i like the symbolism of the ring enclosing the name(s). i used cursive handwriting to completely "seal" the circle.
i also used just plain, white, lined notebook paper.

i did the spell for/on my wife because i havent really been feeling any kind of attraction from her lately, so ive been feeling lonely/unvalued (and yes i also communicate verbally my feelings too, i just wanted a booster =). this is what i managed to write in a circle around our crossed names:

in cursive, so the two end "desireme"'s connected, but i dont think it really matters =)
that night my wife came home from belly dancing class and i didnt notice any reaction/effect. the next day after i got home from work i was feeling really depressed for about 2 hours. i remember saying the following while doing the spell (according to the version on luckymojo: ):
As this honey is sweet to me, so will i become sweet to (my wife).

after those 2 hours of depression i went downstairs and told my wife i had been feeling depressed today "because i feel like youve been distant and we have been close or made love in a while". i dont remember exactly what she said but it was to the effect that what i said was sweet and it makes her want to be close to me, when i share my feelings like that. needless to say, we were really close the rest of the night and *really really close* after we went to bed, if you catch my drift =)

the last 2 nights ive been using red tealights because:
a) we have a lot of them
b) i keep forgetting to buy bigger candles at the store

tonight i used the symbolism of the wick and stroked it with the baby oil to add a little more energy to it =)

Saturday, 17 April 2010

my experiences with pendulum divination

i have a great little book called pendulum power (PP) that i started reading yesterday. i highly recommend it. it is packed with good practical information and instruction, has a good history of pendulum divination, stories, experiences and best of all the authors advise the student to take a scientific approach to its use. (i guess im also going to make this post a PP book review =)

i have 2 different pendulums:
* a crystal in the shape of a teardrop, its plastic and hangs from a piece of plastic fishing line
* a small brass colored metal one in the shape of a round (spinning) top or right-side-up onion with an extended point at the bottom hanging from a piece of thread. this one i purchased: the pendulum kit

i started testing my pendulum kit pendulum about 2 weeks ago (late march, early april) i think, before i started reading PP. my approach was simple:
1. dont think of the answer, dont want a particular answer
2. hold the pendulum up against my forhead while bending over so that my hand wouldnt move (it was pressed against my forehead)

experiment 1: ask questions i knew the answers to. every question i asked was answered correctly.

experiment 2: i went through a series of 34 numbers for a lotto drawing and needed 7 numbers. it answered yes on 7 different numbers, no less. 3 of them were right (1 of the 3 was an extra number. there are 2 extra numbers drawn, so a total of 9), 2 of them were 1 off and 1 of them was reversed (32 instead of 23). 1 of the numbers was also the jackpot number that needs to be drawn in order to release the jackpot.

experiment 3: i asked last night (20100417) if a relative of mine who is pregnant would have a boy and it answered yes. we'll see what happens =)

i read several interesting things in PP today:

page 12
Bovis theorized that the earth has positive magnetic currents running north to south and negative magnetic currents running east to west. ... And as Bovis claimed, adamantly, subtle currents affected all structures on the surface of the earth. He found that any body placed in a north-south axis would become more or less polarized. His researched showed that human bodies were curiously affected by these magnetic lines of force.
this made me think of how i sleep. i have been sleeping in an east-west direction for the past 2-3 years. i think ill try and switch to sleeping in a north-south to see if i can gain any positive effects. the funny this is that the 2 happiest people in our family have beds facing north-south!

vibratory currents, he discovered, emanated from the open eyes of each and every one of us.
i would really like to read more about his findings/tests/results if anybody knows where i can look? i have always wondered how we as humans, many times, can feel that someone is looking at us and this would be a possible explanation =) very interesting.

page 13
[in Paris] is an active old shop called the Maison de Radiesthesie. ... stocking the shelves with every book, pamphlet, and leaflet available on the pendulum. ... The shop also houses an incredible array of pendulums in every shape, substance, and size imaginable.
would be really cool to visit this shop! (flickr picture set) =) i think if i were to visit though i would have to do so without a credit card =)

simple ideomotor effect experiment

i taped the end of my pendulum string on the edge of a table, with just enough string hanging out so i could hold on to it. now it was impossible for me to physically move the pendulum. i tried doing it with my mind and it wouldnt move. when i hold the pendulum freely (not taped to the table) it moves (although i cannot see my self moving it and im trying to hold my hand still as possible).

i see the use of the pendulum as a good way to communicate with my subconcious/higher self (who for all i know can also retrieve information from the universe/other sources), so even if the moving of the pendulum is the ideomotor effect, the result, i believe, is the same.

page 65

i did the experiment about asking which planet energies i am currently deficient in and i got "deficient" on:
moon -  i have a very selective memory; i dont like getting into habits/routines because i enjoy freedom; i would like to get better contact with my subconcious mind
sun - maybe i dont quite know what my purpose is in life right now
uranus - i feel like i am quite original, but i also like to use what works (not big on buying new clothes), maybe i need to get more modern in how i dress? and maybe i need to be even more myself around people; do and say what i really think

the ideomotor + aura effect

i was talking to HH today about my study of the pendulum and about the ideomotor effect and how it is crazy that even though im sure that it is me somehow moving the pendulum, that i cant see my hand moving. then he suggested that maybe the human aura/energy also helps, since it supposedly radiates a little outside of our physical body. i wonder how i could test this?

the pendulum telepathy experiment
last night i was reading on page 69 about how joseph and greg used telepathy to get steve to call them about something important. at the end of the chapter they write:
we hope that others will experiment along these lines so that new data can be added to this most important New Age science.
 so decided to try it =) i found a picture of my wife (it was even over 10 years old) and put it on my lap and held the pendulum over it and started the think the words "call me tonight instead of just sending an sms". the pendulum started to move around in the positive motion and then stopped like after 30 seconds only and then stood completely still for about 2-3 minutes while i continued to think those words. i did it also (implementing a scrying tip from carrol poke runyon) without blinking the entire time. my wife sent me an sms (i told her earlier to send me an sms when she got back to her hotel room safely) and i went to bed thinking i needed maybe to just practice some more. i told my wife the next day what i had tried to do and she told me she had actually thought about calling me last night =) so my telepathic message went through after all!

Friday, 16 April 2010

child messenger - out of the mouth of babes

i have been interviewing for a position in a great company, but wondering if i am going to pass the technical interview. yesterday my son FA came up to me in the kitchen and handed me the goddess guidance oracle cards book and said "dad, can you read this?" the page he was holding open for me gave me advice for *exactly* what i had been thinking and worrying about! it was amazing and exciting =)

Sunday, 11 April 2010

the case for christ review

im watching the video "the case for christ" by lee strobel.

* scholars believe jesus was born around 7 - 4 BC. wow, ive never heard that before. interesting.

Q. what other literary works are there that were written the same time as the gospels of matthew, mark, luke and john in the new testament?

according to the film, the oldest copies/sources of the new testament are:
* codex sinaiticus (AD 330-350)
*codex vaticanus
* papyrus fragment from john 18 (AD 125)

Q. homers iliad is the bible of the greeks?

Q. quotations from the early church fathers? what books/manuscripts are they referring to?

Q. what is the manuscript name for josephus' history of the jews (AD 93)?