Sunday, 17 January 2010

my kundalini reiki 1 attunement experience

i read the kundalini reiki manual and decided to try the kundalini reiki 1 attunement operation.

i felt calm during about the first 8 minutes, but really didnt feel any energy coming into my body as described in the manual. most of the time i found myself trying to fight off thoughts and singing inside my head so i decided to start breathing how i learned from a qigong video; stomach expands on inhale and contracts on inhale. i was exhaling out through my mouth to create a rhythmic audible noise to focus on. i pretty much got the music out and then i started having thoughts of sex and was trying to fight them off and push them out. once i let myself just think the thoughts instead of fighting them i felt great waves of energy flow into my body into the top of my head and down to my waist. it was like each time i inhaled i felt like i was opening the top of my head and when i exhaled my body would be filled with energy (or it was sucked/pushed in). it was pretty interesting. the operation lasted about 25 minutes.

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