Wednesday, 31 March 2010

the black pullet book review

im only about a fourth of the way through, but on pp 22-24 there is a really cool version of the creation of the world/universe. a little book, but really interesting so far!

update 20100411: i finished this book while on vacation in italy a couple of days ago. i found it quite interesting. i hope to get some time to "try it out".

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

prayer/meditation experience - find the ds

my son couldnt find his nintendo ds today so my wife and my son asked if i could ask my inner self to see where it was. i have been reading a book called psychic development for beginners so i used the count down 3 2 1 technique described in the book. i got 2 images in my mind of where i should look. i found the ds in the second place i felt i should look =) thank you god/universe/collective consciousness =)

healing and prayer

the other day my family was going to go on a walk, i was sick, so i stayed home, but i, for some reason, decided to ask god that they all would be safe and come home safely (i hadnt asked this for many days i dont think). my son jumped out of a tree and landed on a metal rod on his back. i was told that the doctors words were "he must have had a guardian angel" because had he landed slightly different, the rod couldve poked into his skin and punctured a lung or something. he had landed in a way that it only scraped his back (about the size of a half of a banana. my wife did a healing on him before they took an xray of his back. he hadnt broken any ribs. the next day we were to go to his doctor to change his bandage and i remember the doctor and the nurse remarking several times how odd it was that the wound had healed so quickly, they asked several times "when did this happen?" and they found it hard to believe that it happened less than 24 hours ago because the skin had attached itself so much to the mesh netting under the bandage. it took them 1.5 hours to detach it. i am glad that my prayer was answered, that my son was protected against something really dangerous and that my wife was able to speedy up his healing. my son went back to the same doctor and nurse again today for the second change of bandages and they told my wife that they had never seen anything like this rapid healing before.

grimorium verum - for hearing a pleasant music - experience

this spell/work seemed pretty straight forward and simple to implement so i tried it today. i drew the sigil of klepoth inside a circle and cut it out (cut a square around the circle so the piece of paper was a square; it was just easier and i thought id try to see if the shape was significant; i dont think it was). i recited the names out loud while sitting in the bathroom and holding the "circle". i didnt hear anything audible right away so i closed my eyes and began to meditate and listen inside of me, i quickly started hearing music in my head, but it was like i was directing the music and had composed it and decided how it should unfold. i imagined myself in a giant darkened concert hall with tons of spectators. i was standing in front of my own symphony/orchestra and conducting the most intense orgasmic display of classical music the world has ever seen. everyone in the audience started having a mass orgy (or at least with the people they were there with, not necessarily with strangers). i remember mostly a combination of piano and stringed instruments, particularly violins and chellos. it lasted for the longest time. and what was interesting was that when i tried stopping the concert it would quickly pick right up again; it was like i was in control, but at the same time i wasnt. it was to me a hint that it wasnt just my imagination/creation involved here. very very interesting and enjoyable experience! thank you klepoth (and the other 10 words/names/entities?) =)

Sunday, 28 March 2010

topics of most interest

here are some topics i seem to be particularly drawn to/interested in:
god - is god real? if so, what exactly is god like?
pendulum divination
chaos magick
goetia / evocation
numerology / gematria
NLP - neuro linguistic programming
self hypnosis
astral travel
ufos / crop circles
historical geology / evolution
history of the lds church, specifically joseph smith
historical jesus
old testament (lack of) evidence / mythology
religious evidence-/science-deniers

Thursday, 25 March 2010

goetia dream working - experiment 1

last night i was reading in Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic in the section about practical goetic magick. one of the suggestions to make contact with goetic demons was through a dream working. i put the sigil/seal under my pillow and since the entity i was going to contact was a duke, the QQGM suggested that one uses either an emerald or a carbuncle (green vs red > opposite colors) stone. since i had neither of them i used my green moldavite stone and taped it to my third eye (center of the forehead). my dream had apparently nothing to do with my dream working intention, but i recorded all the details i could remember (a lot, when you start writing right when you wake up =).

i also used a text on dream working from the book wiccan magic: inner teachings of the craft in preparation before i went to sleep.

Monday, 22 March 2010

evp farting sound during spirit board session experience

i got the movie How to Contact Spirits Vol. 2, then i did a session with a spirit board saturday night and i recorded the session with a video camera and a really good audio recorder. when i played it back after i was done i heard at one point a pretty loud farting sound for like 4 seconds, it was crazy. i would have totally heard something like that if it had been a natural sound. ill upload it when i get the time. i hadnt used a spirit board since i was in highschool, so it was fun to do it again. i did it solo and i could totally feel the planchette being pulled by a spirit. it might sound weird but it was a comforting feeling, although i dont think the person i made contact with was the person i was trying to contact because everytime i asked a question it would just go to random letters, like:
w y j i æ k

it was a homemade board. i also forgot to put numbers on it and i added some phrases to it like:
vet ikke

it was all in norwegian. well ive ordered a glow in the dark one online so we'll see if that works any different (i cant imagine it would make a difference).

Thursday, 11 March 2010

possible taste of kundalini?

i bought a shakti mat yesterday and tried it out. i couldnt stay on it for very long, and i tried many times. the reason was not because it was painful, but because when i lied down this psycho amount of energy down in my groin would quickly build up and it felt like it wanted to explode out of my body. when i got up, it would slowly fade away after a couple of minutes. i wondered if this was maybe the kundalini energy?

update: on the kundalini wikipedia page it says kundalini is "a corporeal energy - an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal force or *Shakti*, envisioned either as a goddess or else as a sleeping serpent coiled at the base of the spine"
it looks like i might be on to something =)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

things i always thought were strange about the lds church

i grew up a member of the lds church and after a recent intense period of reading, researching and rethinking, im finally seeing it for what it is: a very wealthy church, who, for the most part are trying to teach people to do good. but it is not everything it claims to be.

here are some things ive always thought were strange (this will be an ongoing list):
* claiming how special and unique the book of mormon was and how many members there have become over the years. i always compared this claim to the koran and islam. the koran is larger and there are *way* more muslims than mormons.

* healing and prophecy. i believe these things exist. i dont think the church has the monopoly though. i was recently discussing these things with an lds friend who expressed that he believed that non-lds (or men who do not have the priesthood) who healed people were doing it by the power of the devil. i remember being taught this several times as a missionary. i always thought this was bogus. it is bogus and i think i was able to convince my friend how silly that notion is, simply by recalling the lds pioneer story about the woman who healed an ox that was wounded. the lds church doesnt teach its priesthood holders to heal animals (i think you would get called in for a meeting with the bishop if anybody heard you had done something like that) and only priesthood holders (men) give blessings (heal people). concerning prophecy, there are tons of people in and out of the church who have this gift. and what have been the real huge prophecies in my lifetime in the church? somebody asked me once and i seriously didnt have an answer. it was embarassing =)

* greatly varying opinions on sexual matters like oral sex, masturbation and birth control.
oral sex: the bottom line is noone in the church has the right to tell you what you and your wife/husband can and cant do in your bedroom. i had bishops who have said oral sex is a sin while others said that the church has no policy. my mother told me that her bishop even asked her once (or several times?) if she performed oral sex on her husband. she told him it was none of his business.
masturbation: there is literally no scripture in *any* of the lds standard works about masturbation, yet it is unanimously accepted as being a sin. but again, bishops always had a difference of opinion about its sinful severity. (i guess youre asking to yourself and giggling "how does he know?" yes. i have masturbated. masturbation is actually a great tool/help especially in relationships where the level of sexual desire of partners is very unbalanced.) i am currently reading an interesting book called masturbation: the history of a great terror. i suggest every religious person read it.

* how everyone in general conference puts on some fake voice/way of speaking while praying or giving a talk.

* why church needed to be so long?!

* why people would get their children to bear their testimony and use words like "i know". along the same lines: i could never imagine 8 year olds really being eligible to be deemed sinners and how in the world they could choose and know what they are doing when they get baptized.

* how my mission president taught how vital it was to take the sacrament, that if you died after doing something wrong and werent able to take the sacrament before you died, that somehow your repentance wasnt complete. i always thought that was ridiculous.

* how much more relaxed and open about everything in general i was compared to everyone else in the church

* how sunday never seemed to be a day of rest, especially after starting my own family. it was almost always a day of stress. thats "rest" with 2 extra s's.

* why did it matter how people dressed to come to church?

* why most of the church leaders always seemed to be rich and/or businessmen.

* why the church was never open about issues like polygamy. i never remember any lesson ever addressing this topic specifically. it was like the church was ashamed of it and tried to just keep it in the past, while it was a major part of the early church history.

* why talks and articles and even the scripture footnotes often refer to "history of the church" volumes, but these have never been available online.

to be continued...

Thursday, 4 March 2010

have lds apostles and prophets seen jesus christ like apostles of the new testament?

in his talk An Apostle’s Witness of the Resurrection, President (why wouldn't they write Prophet instead?) Howard W. Hunter says:
Paul bore his apostolic witness of the Resurrection again in his letter to the Saints at Corinth:

“Am I not an apostle? am I not free? have I not seen Jesus Christ our Lord? are not ye my work in the Lord? … For the seal of mine apostleship are ye in the Lord.” (1 Cor. 9:1–2.)

“But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept … in Christ shall all be made alive.” (1 Cor. 15:20, 22.)

I humbly testify of my privilege to bear the holy apostleship and to work daily with a modern Quorum of Twelve Apostles who are disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are to go forth as “special witnesses of the name of Christ in all the world.” (D&C 107:23.) And so have the Apostles always testified.

In our own day, Apostles and prophets are carrying on the work of bearing witness to the world of Jesus Christ.
you would expect Hunter to say something like:
I humbly testify that I too have seen Jesus Christ. Am I not an apostle? (Am I not the prophet of jesus christ's one and only true church?)

the lds institute program teaches that all apostles and prophets have knowledge of jesus christ (the church also teaches that knowledge is different from faith):
Remember that Amos had seen the Lord and received His message. All the prophets through the ages have had a knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and have testified of His mission

read also this thread: have the mormon apostles seen christ?

i also just found this in the primary literature:
Explain that even though we have not seen Jesus Christ, we believe he is there. We see evidence of his existence everywhere as we look at the world that he created, as we see the stars in the heavens, and especially as we read the scriptures. We also have prophets who have told us that they have seen him. Tell the children that today they will learn of someone from the Book of Mormon who had such great faith that he actually saw Jesus Christ.

"such great faith that he actually saw Jesus Christ". interesting. this implies that if an apostle/prophet today has not seen jesus christ, it is because he has not great faith.

Q. can someone please send me a link to where an lds apostle (or even a prophet) after/besides joseph smith testifies that he has physically seen jesus christ, as paul testified and as the book of mormon prophets testified?

i cannot find any evidence of this on by searching for the following phrases:
seen jesus christ
seen jesus
seen the lord

read also have you ever seen the lord? there are references to persons in ancient scripture who say they have seen the lord and also joseph smith, but no mention of anybody after joseph smith.

the same example is also found in the seminary program:
Ether 12:38–41 . We should “seek this Jesus of whom the prophets and apostles have written.” (10–15minutes)

Write Nephi, Jacob, Isaiah, brother of Jared, and Moroni on the board and ask what they have in common. Have students search 2Nephi 11:2–3 ; Ether 3:7–8, 13 ; 12:38–39 to find the answer. Display a picture of the Savior. Ask:

* Why is it important that there be people who are witnesses of the Savior?
* Who are some others who have seen the Lord? (Answers might include the Nephites who survived destruction [see 3Nephi 11:8–10 ] and the Prophet Joseph Smith [see D&C 76:22–24 ].)
what?! no mention of the current prophet and apostles? there is no mention of anybody outside of ancient scripture or ancient lds church history (joseph smith).