Tuesday, 26 January 2010

the case for a creator

in the movie the case for a creator there is something im having a hard time grasping:
they propose that darwinism cannot be true because:
a) if you put everything needed for life into a test tube, you cant generate life
b) the cambrian explosion, lack of evidence in the fossil record (but this has nothing to do with this post)

Q. how can they then propose that the universe had a beginning, that all matter in the universe came from nothing (the singularity theory) when they just proposed that life on earth couldnt have come from nothing?

god would have to exist outside of the universe then.

update: i watched more and yes they said exactly what i was thinking, they are proposing god exists outside of the universe and that he created it out of nothing.

this goes against the conservation of energy. singularity theorists would have to change their theory and say that god created the universe out of something else, but not from nothing.

but then i found this page, evidence for the big bang where it says that it is not a contradiction.

update 20100331113500:
i finally finished watching the whole video. probably the biggest thing i got out of the video was that most (all?) information we can find on earth can be traced back to some form of intelligence that created it, so what does that imply about information contained in dna? good food for thought.

one thing i didnt like about the video was lee strobel's assumption that since there might be a god, then christianity is true. he said something as a fact in the movie which i thought was pretty ridiculous: "god himself is invisible, he is a spirit..." (~ 55:20)
where the *heck* did this come from? strobel goes from investigating the case for a creator to then concluding that god does exist, god is a *he* AND he is invisible and is a spirit? pretty unscientific conclusion to an otherwise interesting semi-scientific investigation.

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