Sunday, 17 January 2010

evidence: the case for nasa ufo's gives ideas for viewing spirits

this is very interesting:
part 1:
part 2:

one key principle david sereda talks about is how ufos are vibrating at speeds (wavelengths) in some instances that are far greater than what the human eye can see (near ultra violet and above). since spirits exist and are all around us, what david suggests about ufos tells me that a spirit is vibrating outside visual light frequencies for normal humans, whether it be infrared or ultraviolet; humans normally only see between red and violet. now if you could get someone who can perceive spirits, pinpoint a particular area, (or how about observing a dying person/animal?) then film with cameras capable of capturing ultraviolet and infrared light, maybe we could see spirits on camera. this also begs the question:

Q. for people who can literally see spirits, is the viewers visual capacity changed to be able to pick up these humanly-out-of-range light frequencies or can spirits change their own vibration frequencies bringing them into humans visual range? i am leaning towards the first possibility since i have seen documentaries of people who say they can see something while others present dont see what they are seeing. unless it then is a combination of a spirit shifting its vibrations into humanly visible light frequencies while at the time altering the visual capacities of onlookers they dont want to be able to view them (the spirit).

Q. another question is, if there are qualities of spirits, a range of "goodness", would those less good vibrate at a lower frequency of light than spirits that were "good/better/more obedient/kind"?

update: interesting article on cold dark matter and intelligent design suggesting detection of spirit matter as not possible with light or electromagnetism. (todo: read this article again)

but then there's this page called some thoughts on ghost hunting about camera film and infrared and ultraviolet light.

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