Wednesday, 20 January 2010

my kundalini reiki 2 attunement experience day 2.0

i did the kundalini reiki attunement number 2 yesterday, exactly 2 days after number 1. to tell the truth, i didnt experience very much, although one time i felt my body shake once, but i dont know if it was because i was falling asleep or what, but i dont remember falling asleep, i just remember a big shaking in my body for a split second. i didnt feel the waves of energy like i did in the first attunement. another interesting thing that happened was, i saw the clock/time before i started, the manual said it would take between 20-30 minutes, and when i felt it was over i opened my eyes and the attunement had taken 29 minutes. btw i was laying on my back on the ground in this one whereas attunement number 1 i was sitting upright on the couch.

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