Monday, 25 January 2010

my kundalini reiki meditation experience day 2.6

this time it lasted 9 minutes as well. i kept seeing myself taking care of my wife after she became handicap and couldnt walk or talk. her head hung a little to the side and she kind of drooled. i hope to god it was just my imagination going wild. images like me feeding her, changing her diaper and holding her up to dance with her, sitting and watching tv together, it actually gave me a feeling of deeper love for her, it sounds weird, but i think i would be able to handle it quite well, with help obviously, but again, i hope it was just my imagination, i wouldnt want her to have to live like that, i would be more worried about her than myself in that situation...and probably one of my biggest fears would be me becoming handicap like that and having my wife have to take care of me like i was a big baby. i giver her permission to "accidentally" take my life if that ever happens to me =)

the 9 minutes of "meditation" went by super fast.

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