Tuesday, 15 December 2009

my personal desires

here is my ongoing list of desires/goals:
summed up: interested in increasing my healing abilities, the power of my will and my knowledge of the universe.

complete emotional control (not void of emotion like spock, but appropriate/advantageous-to-myself display of emotion) such as:

[CURRENT GOAL] the power to choose patience instead of anger and when patience is no longer appropriate,

[CURRENT GOAL] wisdom to take the next best action (and wisdom to know when anger is appropriate)
the power to turn off sexual desire when it cannot properly be expressed

fearless -- but wise enough to know when to leave, say no or "act" afraid

a happy, healthy, loving and friendly family

the power to make myself invisible (and visible again =)

the power to teleport my body safely anywhere i wish in the whole universe

wisdom greater than any person/problem who challenges me

financial independence:
to create and study what i want
to afford a housekeeper
to afford a cook
to afford a personal assistant
to travel with my family anywhere we want, any time
to help people in need

the power to read anyone's thoughts

the power to heal any kind of sickness or injury (including myself)

the ability to fly

unlimited power to move and affect anything with my mind (telekinesis/psychokinesis)

the knowledge of how to make music that i can be proud of and that people in general will love

photographic memory

the gift of seeing and conversing with spirits and angels

knowledge of and acquaintance with life forms outside this planet

unlimited remote viewing which can be turned off and on when i want

power of convincing speech

fluent in every language and form of communication known to man

the power to change any aspect of my physical being in any way i want

the power to see the past and the future

the power to breathe under water and travel anywhere underwater safely and comfortably to any depth

a large house with many rooms and floors located on an enormous property with a breathtaking view of the ocean on one side and a large city of lights on the other side. something like a giant UK castle of sorts. i want large open fireplaces, very high ceilings, a ballroom, and giant double staircase (stairs on left and right) in a huge entryway/entrance, preferably separated from the outside by a wardrobe room where people may hang up their coats and take off their shoes and to keep cold air out of the rest of the house. a huge chandelier and 2 story high ceiling in this staircase entryway. i would like a dedicated library room, 2 stories tall with ladders on tracks to get to the books high up, with big comfortable chairs in the middle for reading and one part on the wall that is either blank or you can roll down a white sheet for use with a projector if you wanted to enlarge something to show someone. i would like a laptop there, but somehow not ruin the look of the room. i would like many tall windows and a tower or 2. secret tunnels and passageways throughout the house would be fun too. long carpets throughout the hallways. dark/grey stone walls. large paintings on the walls. i would like this to be located in norway, the uk, italy or spain. (the house, thornfield hall (haddon hall) on jane eyre [2006] is the kind of house i want. here's haddon hall on google maps)

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