Sunday, 3 January 2010

my review of the book of abramelin, a new translation

book of abramelin book review

this is currently ongoing. i just started reading it tonight (20100102 <-- hey, a palindrome =). to clarify it is the version called the book of abramelin, a new translation compiled and edited by georg dehn, translated by steven guth, foreward by lon milo duquette.

page xiv:
in order to wield god-like magical power, the magician must actually be possessed of god-like virtues of character
seems logical.

page 224:
the number of jews in the whole of germany after the black death and subsequent pogroms had dropped to an estimated 10000
fyi, the word pogroms is organized persecution of an ethnic group (especially Jews). it is also russian for destruction:
from Russian: погром; from "громить" IPA: [grʌˈmitʲ]- to wreak havoc, to demolish violently

page 233:
It is approached through the desert of from the al-Kola al-Hamra.
is that supposed to be or from?

page 261:
the book definitely has a Jewish characteristics.
is that has Jewish characteristics or has a Jewish characteristic?

page 263:
how would he have fit the somewhat gnostic gnostic material in abraham's four books into the mainstream of jewish scholarship?
Q. i assume "he" is referring to Scholem, but what does dehn mean by this?

i might add, of course, that jew ever called his son lamech
Q. why? because they use the "ben" fathers name format?

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