Wednesday, 24 February 2010

nancy winchester married to joseph smith before she was 16

some say nancy was married to joseph smith at 14 and some say 15. the fact is that she could have at most have been 15 years old. here's why:
nancy winchester was born on august 10, 1828.
joseph smith was murdered on june 27, 1844. nancy was still 15 years old.
nancy winchester was married ("for time", thats lds for non-temple/eternal marriage) to heber c kimball on october 10, 1844.
in the same record it shows she was married to joseph smith on february 3, 1846. but joseph was dead. this means she was sealed [celestial/temple/eternal marriage] to him in the temple, for time and all eternity. this is the evidence that her marriage to heber c kimball was for time, and that she had been married to joseph smith earlier, before his death, otherwise she would have just been sealed to heber c kimball. thus, nancy was at most 15 years old when she married joseph smith when he was alive.

interestingly, the record also shows that nancy was married to yet another man later on, amos arnold, even before heber c kimball died. i found one persons opinion as to the reason for this:
...and then you see that women like Nancy Winchester weren't done being "traded" by their Mormon-leader husbands...
...'cause @ age 37, Heber Kimball traded still childless Nancy Winchester to yet another arranged marriage with Amos Arnold -- so that she could indeed have a child...

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