Friday, 5 February 2010

my new cosmology website -

i began my new search for truth late last year after having seen many episodes of shows like studio fem - fra den andre siden, psychic kids, america's psychic challenge, and åndenes makt. i had also started to read about magick and became interested in the word occult, which i saw defined somewhere as a search for truth. i used that word as a base and started a blog called my search for truth (with the web address

since then i have read many books and many articles on the web. i read one day the wikipedia article for cosmology, which is defined, in short, as the study of the universe. i immediately felt happy inside of me and felt that THIS was exactly what i want to study: everything! i could never get bored of that! i saw this because my "problem" (expressed as such by others, not by myself) has always been that i get interested in one thing and then learn enough about it to satisfy my curiosity, then something new comes along and i study this new subject. often i go back and revisit things i have studied before as my understanding grows (and my understanding that i didnt actually know enough about the subject as i should/wanted to). so i like to move around, i like intellectual freedom =)

then i saw a video by david sereda called evidence the case for nasa ufos (this is only a 5 minute preview, you need to go to another site to see the whole thing). the introduction to the video is by dan aykroyd. in his monologue, aykroyd mentions the word multiverse. the multiverse is a hypothetical collection of multiple possible universes that collectively comprise everything that physically exists. the word multiverse, the real everything, became my new focus.

i looked into buying one of these domain names:,,, etc. everything was taken and nothing was being used or being used in the manner of the context i have just described. then i got an idea from the open microblogging site i use quite frequently: why not look into getting a swedish top level domain? in norway you have to be a registered company to own a .no domain name, but just my "luck", such wasnt the case in sweden BUT the domain name was already owned BUT it expired in 3 days! it seemed too good to be true, that i was sure that it wouldnt be renewed by the previous owner because it was only being parked, it wasnt being used, and everything seemed to be right and feel right about this. is perfect because there is nothing extra in the name, no .com or .org. sure enough it wasnt renewed and i bought it! so, welcome to the multiverse!

with my new focus on the multiverse, i saw it fit to change my blog address as well, so i have moved it here to ill leave the old occult blog going for a while until this one is fully indexed, then ill delete it. but only a single day after moving it, 25% of it is already indexed in google. you might wonder why i chose amultiverse? well, every possible combination of multiverse by itself or together with the word blog or the has been taken, but amultiverse is short and actually it fits perfectly with the hypotheticalness of the term multiverse.

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