Friday, 5 February 2010

my kundalini reiki 3 attunement experience

i started by doing the normal kundalini reiki meditation first, then something came up and i was finally able to start the third attunement about an hour later. i listened to an alpha binaural beat with some earplug headphones while i was meditating, to help me concentrate because of some background noise. it helped. i tried concentrating on myself and on breathing slowly, deeply, holding my breath a couple of seconds in between each in and out breath and felt really relaxed and really away from the world after a while. it kind of reminded me of what ive heard about astral travel (ive never tried this before). i was just trying to travel around to different places in my mind and felt like i had tons of energy and wanted to just break/explode out of my body. my hands were tingling pretty much the whole time (they normally do when i meditate). i didnt feel any waves of energy coming into me, but it felt good anyways =) i did feel energy in my hands though.

earlier today, before my normal kundalini reiki meditation, i did a remote healing for someone close to me.

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