Thursday, 4 February 2010

my kundalini reiki remote healing experience

someone close in our family was found unconscious on a train the other day and was rushed to the hospital. he was diagnosed with a bleeding in the brain and was in a coma. i did kundalini reiki remote healing for him 3 times and he woke up the same day!
i focused on him waking up and being normal and that is exactly what happened. i envisioned where he was in the hospital, exactly where in the room, against which wall and facing a certain way and when i finally visited him in the hospital it was exactly how i had seen it in my mind =) i also envisioned myself standing next to his body in the hospital and moving my hands above his body in counter clockwise motions to take out bad energy and then afterwards in clockwise motions to replenish him with good energy. i give thanks to god and the universe for this experience. i still have not called in my kundalini reiki attunement 3 yet, so i did this remote healing as only an attunement level 2.

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