Thursday, 18 February 2010

lon milo duquette's my life with the spirits - my book review

lon's autobiography, my life with the spirits, is witty, funny, humble and full of interesting stories and first hand experiences with magick. i couldnt and didnt want to put it down! i read it in two consecutive nights. i think if i were to pick the one greatest thing i learned from this book was his account of his first goetic evocation where he was giving the entity a deadline and felt that the entity was trying to change lon's mind to stretch the deadline and not make it so short and when he realized it he got angry and shouted and commanded the entity to stop and to obey his deadline. i recognize myself in that situation and thought "i can do the same thing", banish all doubt and creators of doubt. i control what i want. i control my mind. there are other things i learned from this book too. i definitely recommend it to everyone who isnt an omnipotent magickian (everyone) =)
i have not been so enraptured in a book since highschool, reading my double digit collection of dean r koontz novels (i dont read novels anymore).

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