Sunday, 7 February 2010

kundalini reiki remote healing "project" 2

i have someone close to me in my family with an incurable disease, jrb, so yesterday (20100206) i did remote healing session 1 and today i have done session 2.

update: i did a third remote healing session last night 20100207. when im doing it im imagining myself standing next to the person and moving my hands in a counterclockwise motion to release bad energy, then reversing the motions and going clockwise to send good energy back into the persons body.

update: i did a fourth remote healing session today 20100208

update: i did a fifth remote healing session last night 20100208 while listening to a 0.5 Hz sine wave from my chakra and brainwave frequency audio collection and my mind seemed really clear and i felt really focused.

update: i did a sixth and seventh remote healing session today, 20100209, for jrb. the last one i was jerked out of suddenly because fabh started choking on a hotdog =) this last time i felt like i should rethink my "words" (inside my head) better and ask that whatever is causing the disease and its symptoms be removed from jrb's body and mind and emotions, instead of just "that the disease be removed".

update: i did an eighth remote healing session today, 20100211 for jrb. i expounded upon the words i found last time, in my mind, being even more detailed in what i wanted to remove and replace.

update: i did a ninth and tenth remote healing session yesterday and today, 20100213 and 20100214. this last time i tried wording it as if the disease had been taken away already.

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