Friday, 26 February 2010

the lds church and its finances

when asked by somebody "why would you want to know about what the lds church leadership does with its money?", i have several responses:
* why wouldnt i want to know how the money i have been donating for over 25 years is being used?
* i have worked as a ward financial secretary several times for a period of several years and the church leadership has strict rules and checks to see what we were doing with the money, so why shouldnt it go both ways? a majority of the church members have literally no way of knowing how the church funds are being spent.
* unless the church funds are literally only being administered by angels (no pun intended), then it seems only rational to have transparency to protect the finances from human error and abuse.
* i have always been taught that the lds church has no paid clergy. there are rumors that some church leaders are earning 6 figure and up towards 7 figure salaries. what would you think about that if that was proven to be true?

here is a petition requesting financial transparency in the lds church

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