Wednesday, 23 December 2009

call for user reviews and pictures of Athena's Grimore of Enochian magic

Athena's Grimore of Enochian magic seems intriguing although i must say im put off immediately by the apparent misspelling of grimore, but after googling, im not sure it is a misspelling, only a much less used version of grimoire.

that aside, i cannot find any reviews (other than the ones athena has pasted into her sales page) of this creation, nor any user pictures. yes she has posted some pictures but they are not closeups and they are blurry.

if you have purchased this book can you please post some detailed pictures of the book from all sides and some sample pages somewhere (e.g. flickr) and send me a link?

update: after reading many of her webpages, i am of the opinion that athena really knows what she is talking about and i have gotten a good feeling about her. i have ordered a copy for myself.

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