Monday, 28 December 2009

unexplainable events

* when i sat in bed right now to write down some things that have happened recently, that i cant explain, the keyboard next to me in the bed played by itself a middle-E and a middle-C.

the keyboard just played again at 110525. again at 110900. again at 111346 (this time it played the same piano voice as the last times, but i had previously changed it to a different voice. it sounds like what a low-battery sound would be, but it is plugged into the wall and is not going on batteries). again at 111729. it looks like it plays every 3 minutes and 30 seconds for some reason. it has never done this before. i'll turn it off then turn it on again. it started again at 112239. again at 112625. it must just be some kind of automated tone.

* before i went to bed last night i blew out the candles in the living room upstairs and turned off all the lights. when i got up this morning the one large candle was lit.

EXPLAINED: ha ha, my wife said she lit the candle because it was taller than the glass it was in and she wanted to burn it down so it would shine through the glass =)

* in the shower i think 3 days ago i was washing the soap out of my hair so i had my eyes closed and i heard a loud sound like something heavy (like a shampoo bottle) had been dropped onto the tile floor by my feet. when i opened my eyes there was nothing there and we dont have anything heavy hanging up high either. i even tried cupping my hands and filling them with water (something i was not doing at that time) and dropping the water to the ground. it barely even made a sound. completely unexplainable.

i was in our guest room and looked out into the hall and saw a dark manly figure standing by the door. it looked like he was wearing an overcoat and a hat, but i only saw it for a split second.


* last night while my wife and i were lying in bed, talking, around midnight, i don't know the time exactly, we heard the big flat plastic light switch in the hall outside our bedroom click on (pushes up to turn on) and the light turned on. immediately i thought it was one of our kids, but i had not heard a sound of anybody walking up the wood stairs. i got up to see who it was and the bathroom door was a little ajar. i opened it and nobody was there. i went downstairs and all the kids were asleep in their beds =)
someone turned that light on and it wasn't any of us.

update: i was able to get the switch to stay in the middle between on and off so it is possible that when we turned it off that it got stuck in the middle, then over time switched to the off position, but i have never noticed that i have done something like that before (i'm kind of anal), but then again it could have been my wife, but she never turns off that light, i always have to ask her to turn it off (i like it dark).

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