Tuesday, 29 December 2009

interesting quote on the possibility of a real devil by anton lavey

Don't you ever wonder about evil, though, about the old saying that the devil's best allies are those who don't believe in him? LaVey is quiet for a moment.

"Oh, yes, deep down I have my speculation that maybe there is a force I've tapped into, that I can extract. Oh, yes, I have doubts. But I hate to talk about these things. I mean, Jayne Mansfield's death was a strange thing! It was like 'Night Has a Thousand Eyes.' It was a hell of a coincidence! Time and space all coming together to merge like color transparencies. What ingredients contributed to this? These things are too much for coincidence. But still, I want to believe they are coincidences. I'm basically just a good, decent guy.

"When you ask me what if I came to believe there was some malevolent force, would I want to do it differently? The answer is no. It's too late. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction. Not when I see what they have done in the world. There'll be no deathbed confession." Not from Anton LaVey, not from the prideful angel. He is beyond redemption.

this is taken from the cos' own pages, their copy of the washington post magazine article the devil in anton lavey

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