Monday, 28 December 2009

my pagan name

after following the 4 outlined steps on the pagan name generator i was given the pagan name Taliesin Lothlorien Gaia

Taliesen has been known to mean: Chief of Bards or chief of poets, shining brow
Lothlórien is the fairest forest realm of the Elves remaining in Middle-earth during the Third Age. Long ago it was known as Laurelindórenan - the Land of the Valley of Singing Gold.
Gaia, meaning "land" or "earth", from the Ancient Greek Γαῖα; also Gæa or Gea (Koine and Modern Greek Γῆ) is the primal Greek goddess personifying the Earth. Gaia is a primordial deity in the Ancient Greek pantheon and considered a Mother Goddess or Great Goddess.

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