Wednesday, 30 December 2009

anton lavey - in it for the money?

very interesting if this fbi rapport about lavey is true:
LaVey advised that he has been the victim of numerous attacks, both verbal and physical, because of his association with the Church of Satan. He advised because of the occasional notoriety that he receives as the founder and priest of the church association, he does attempt to surround himself with friends and associates when he travels. He advised these people are not armed and are not employed as bodyguards. LaVey stated that he is well aware that most people associated with the Church of Satan are in fact "fanatics, cultists and weirdoes." He stated that his interest in the Church of Satan as strictly from a monetary point of view and spends his time furnishing interviews, writing material, and lately has become interested in photography.

- FBI unclassified document - SF 89A-289 - pages 2 & 3
subject: Howard Stanton Levey, a.k.a. Anton Szandor LaVey
ive written several emails to the FBI to ask them about this, now im just waiting for a reply.

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