Thursday, 17 December 2009

Q. can you appreciate the good after coming to heaven without the presence of evil?

good and evil quote by rev. john d. allee:
You can not even define evil without discussing what is good. Therefore, the two are inseparable. One can not understand darkness without experiencing light. One cannot appreciate day, without having night. Opposites compliment, define and complete one another. To destroy all evil in the world means there would be no good left to appreciate, therefore the Shadow Dweller does not worship or disrespect either quality! We value ourselves and nature instead and venerate opposition in balance!
"Good" are the things we like. "Evil" are the things we dislike. It often depends on who or what you are. As Diane Vera says, if you're a mouse, cats are evil, but to the pet owner, cats are heavenly. Therefore, evil is not an essence - it is a value judgment. From a Christian point of view, Satan is "evil." Shadow Dwellers are truth seekers who desire to peek behind such labels.

Of course, there are certain ethical wrongs, but they are set by a society or culture so that all can live harmoniously. Examples of these would be thieving, disrespectful behavior and killing or abusing an innocent.

read also scriptures about opposition and justice and mercy:
second book of nephi chapter 2
alma chapter 42

in heaven i'm sure one still sees evil outside, but is not affected/tempted by it, thus still being able to appreciate the good.

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