Thursday, 17 December 2009

right hand path (rhp) and left hand path (lhp)

interesting article by john d. allee about different but equal/symbiotic paths to knowledge: left hand path and right hand path:
The Left Hand Path is an approach to knowledge that is dark, hidden, receptive. It is the path of silence and inner revealing through meditation. The passive, feminine, Yin influence is felt here. Its symbol is the pentagram with the point going down, representing the vulva, and the two points up, symbolizing yielding breasts. The head of the goat invokes the earth element and the hebrew letters for Leviathan signify the waters of the abyss. Often referred to as the baphomet, from the Greek "Baphe and Metis" meaning wisdom measurement, the sigil pays homage to the Goddess Sophia. BEING is the primary focus of the Left Hand Path.

The Right Hand Path is an approach to knowledge that is illuminated, evident, active. It is the path of interaction and participation. The active, masculine, Yang influence is experienced here. Its symbol is the pentacle with the point going up, representing an erect phallus, and the points drooping on both sides, the testes. Several artists have depicted a man superimposed on the star or pentacle. The figure to the right was drawn by Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim (1486-1535) for a book entitled "The Magic of Arbatel." Recent attempts to corrupt the pentacle will fail - superimposing the face of the Goddess upon it won't change its true nature. BECOMING (Xeper) is the primary focus of the Right Hand Path.

The Right and Left Hand Path are not opposed to one another and have nothing to do with Western Philosophy or Christianity. To create anything, form and force (Yin and Yang) must work together! A passive idea is worthless unless it is followed by an active deed. Conversely, the doing of deeds helps one acquire new ideas. This is the way life works and the way magic works.

We do not respect one symbol above the other. In ritual, the most likely choice is the one hanging above the altar. If the Working involves sending or transmitting energy, the RHP symbol is used. If the Working involves receiving or absorbing energy, the LHP symbol is used.

Furthermore, you cannot elevate the spirit while condemning the flesh and vice-versa! The truly enlightened individual realizes that all matter is composed of frozen energy or "spirit" and there can never be any separation. The aspiring magician must maintain a BALANCE in his or her perspective and not place one symbol above the other because they compliment, define and complete each other. Truly, the All is One!

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