Monday, 10 May 2010

think positive

yesterday i planned to take my kids to the traveling carnival downtown. when we had driven all the way down there i had forgotten that i had loaned my card to my wife so we had to drive all the way back home to get it. my wife gave me my card and 100 kroner in cash cause i felt i should take some cash with me for some reason. we drove back to downtown and when i went to take out some cash i only had 122 on my card and the machine wouldnt let me take out any less than 200 so i was like "grrrr". i knew that it would cost more than 100 to get 3 tickets for the kids to go on at least 1 ride each, so as we were walking over to the carnival i decided to think positive and see what happens. i thought to myself "i might be able to pay with my card" although i wasnt sure. it turned out that they did have a card terminal, but they were closing in 10 minutes so for some reason they couldnt use it, so i looked the guy in the booth straight in the eyes and kindly asked "i have 3 kids here and i only have 100 kroner, im short 20, is there any way you could give me a deal?" and he said "well if i have 20 kroner in my pocket" and he reached into his pocket and to his and my surprise he had a 20 kroner coin and he put it on the table and gave us 3 tickets =) my oldest child really wanted to go on the roller coaster (it wasnt a big one, but for them it was big) so all 3 of them got on. i was a little worried about my youngest though and sure enough once it started to go he looked really uneasy and pretty soon started to yell for me and cried the whole way =) luckily it was only 3 rounds =) but when we got home he seemed proud of himself and told my wife about it and said "tør du det mamma?" (do you dare to do that mamma?) =)

the funny thing was that my wife was saying she didnt want to go to the carnival because she thought the men looked like criminals, but the guy at the booth was at least really nice and actually gave us money =)

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