Tuesday, 4 May 2010

my book review of the pendulum kit by sig lonegren

i just had a very interesting experience with my own modified version of the three coins exercise on page 27:
i took three 10 cent euro coins and placed them in a triangle formation. one coin was dated 1999, another 2000 and the third 2002. the point of the experiment was to find the coin that had the 2002 date on it.

not knowing which coin was where i told the pendulum to oscillate between the 2 coins that did not have the date 2002 on them. this experiment should then ideally only require one round to find the 2002 coin. it should be the coin that the pendulum does *not* oscillate to.

experiment 1:
it oscillated between 2 coins. when i looked at the 3rd coin, it did not have the date 2002 on it. it should have been the 2002 coin. i decided to try again only this time with the 2 remaining coins and repeated the same command, so i placed the pendulum at the point where the 3rd coin was previously and asked the pendulum to now oscillate towards the coin that did not have the date 2002 on it. this time it oscillated towards the coin that did not have the date 2002 on it. i.e. the first round it gave the wrong answer and the second round it gave the correct answer.

experiment 2:
this time i decided to do the exact same thing only treat the first answer which was "wrong" as the right answer (ultimately picking out the coin with the 2002 date on it using the pendulum). i got the same result this time as well. the first answer was wrong and the second answer was right.

run 3:
i got the exact same result, a third time in a row! the 2002 coin was among the first 2 coins and the second round, it was the coin that the pendulum *didnt* oscillate towards.

wrong first, right the second time. what an interesting pattern! it repeated itself 3 times in a row, 100% effective.

update: i just tried the same thing again and the same pattern emerged for the 4th consecutive time! false the first time and true the second time =)

wow, very interesting. i continued reading in the book and it says on page 28:
put the coin on the table heads up, and hold your pendulum over it. it will go from the search position into your yes response. now turn the coin over, and see how your pendulum goes into a no response. (these responses could be reversed -- it doesnt matter.)
how funny =) thats exactly what i just experienced.

update: now i just tried the "heads up" exercise on page 28. i got the "wrong" answer 7 times out of 10. according to the book this is statistically important. (the 10 cent euro coin had the year 2000 on it). although, i didnt do the experiment 100% correctly because the book says to have a friend who records whether it landed heads or tails and to not let you know the results before the end. i had to keep track of the results myself, so i could see how well the pendulum was responding. ill have to try it again later, with a friend.

update 20100504

pendulum exercises:

1. flip the coin then divine without looking at the result.
year 2000 coin. is it heads up?
3 correct out of 10

2. divine before the coin is tossed.
year 2000 coin. will it be heads up?
6 correct out of 10

3. divine before the coin is tossed. arm resting on thigh. previously arm was held in the air.
year 2000 coin. will it be heads up?
7 correct out of 10

4. coin toss, call it on the back of my hand. no pendulum. only intuition.
7 correct out of 10

5. divine before the coin is tossed. arm resting on thigh. previously arm was held in the air.
year 2000 coin. will it be heads up? is this answer the truth?
1 correct out of 5
this is the closest extreme!

on my plane ride home from holland last night i did an experiment with playing cards:
i put the cards A, 2, and 3 of spades face down and shuffled so i didnt know which was which and placed them on my lap.
i held the pendulum over each one asking "is this the ace of spades?" until i got a yes, asking after every question "is this the truth?"
i did this test 2 times and found the ace both times!

update 20100505

i repeated the playing card test today using the same cards.
round 1: it answered correctly the first card i placed the pendulum over, but i decided this time to check the other ones just in case and the second card i chose the pendulum oscillated stronger so i figured it was that one, but i turned it over and it was the 3.
i then turned the first card over that i got a yes on and it was the ace =)

then things got weird.
round 2: i felt drawn to a specific card so i put the pendulum over it and asked if it was the ace and followed up with the truth question, confirming that "no" this wasnt the ace. i turned the card over and it was the ace.
i decided to try again, the third round, this time taking a "no" as a "yes"

round 3: i again felt drawn to a specific card and ran the test. i got no and it was the ace.

round 4: exact same as round 3.

conclusion: i was drawn towards a specific card and it was the ace, the first card i asked about, every time, irrespective of yes or no. and from round 3-4 it seemed as if my subconscious went into negative mode and knew that i would pick the card i got a "no" on (since thats what i did in round 2) so it gave me "no" on the correct card instead of a "yes".

the mind is a tricky thing =)

"find the hidden object"/triangulation exercise on page 33:
i had someone hide something for me in a room and both times (i did the test twice) i didnt find it using the pendulum.

update 20100506
100-0 scale exercise
i asked about sig's book, how it rates as a beginners pendulum book from 0-100, 100 best and i got about 95-100 =)

update 20100507
i did the A 2 3 exercise again and found the ace on the first try.
then i gave the 3 cards to my coworker and told him to mix them up without showing me and i found the ace on the first try!

then he suggested i try with 5 cards and find a different number. i did this 2 times and failed both times.

update 20100508
i dowsed for winning lotto numbers for norsk tipping lotto tonight and got 4 correct out of 7. one of the other numbers i got was 1 off from one of the 3 additional numbers drawn. i made my own "fan" map/chart like the 0-100 chart in sigs book, but for numbers 1-34.

update 20100516
page 48
i just did the zodiac chart dowsing experience and got the following results:
* how is my love life? profound sensitivity (totally matches my personality, and this is something im working on controlling a little better)
* what makes me happy? being understood (im not sure that this is very accurate, it is important to me, but i think what really makes me happy is learning and obtaining my desires and seeing that my family is happy)
* what would be a good career (change) for me now? the pendulum went to "go to zodiac page 62", which them immediately pointed to sagittarius, so i went to that page and it gave me "philosopher" (which i think would totally fit me!)
* what health issues do i need to be aware of? forgetfulness (i at least have a very selective memory =)

but then sig writes immediately after the test these interesting words:
while it is always nice to hear something that confirms what you already know, i urge that you pay most attention to the answer(s) that dont make immediate sense. they are important and should be kept in mind during subsequent readings.

then sig suggests on page 49 that you can dowse your partners love life to see if there is anything you can do to help the relationship, and i got "soul unions"

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