Thursday, 20 May 2010

bim/bune evocation 2 experience

this time (20100519, i think i started around 0030 or 0100) i tried to do it a little more by the book than my first evocation of bim. this time i didnt address him as a duke of hell only as a duke.

i started out by going to the grocery store and getting some food and drinks i thought he might like (i was totally going on intuition though since it was a last minute idea i got while driving to my office to do the evocation), this is what i got:
banana (it was still a little green)
watermelon (green on the outside)
a melkesjokolade (the best norwegian chocolate, i got the biggest bar i could find)
a pack of my favorite brownies
a little bag of pistachio nuts (my favorite nuts, they are also green)
the best brand of juice (made by nora). i got the citrus and lime flavor (green)
an energy drink (energy for Bim) called Burn (in a can)
green paper plates
green plastic cups
green plastic forks and knives
flowery green napkins
long green candles

i couldnt get any nice alcoholic drink for Bim because it was after the cutoff time for sale of alcohol here so i improvised. but when i asked him during the evocation using my pendulum if he liked and accepted my offering i got a yes.

here are some pictures of my evocation setup.

this time i used a circle and chose 4 god names off the top of my head and wrote them down in the 4 quarters of the circle, but after doing the LBRP i realized, maybe i should have used the god names mentioned there? it would have at least been symbolically "tighter" (although next time ill just use what is in the goetia. can you believe i forgot to bring that text with me? =).

this time i took a special robe/shirt with me and washed my face, ears, nose, mouth and hands before i started the ritual.

i chalked 3 times around for my chalk circle (i need to get something better/nicer soon). the floor of my office is concrete and the ceiling is like a 4 meter high half-dome shape, so when im vibrating names it echoes like crazy and sounds really cool! =) my office is about 45 m2 and has kind of a dungeon feel to it =) i visualized a long time that i would get this office at a good price because the initial offer was way too high and i got the owner to go way down so i feel like magick was used to get the place and it felt good to do magick IN the place last night, for the first time =)

i had the book modern magick with me just in case i needed a reference for something. in there it mentioned the tools to have on my altar in the circle so for my dagger i had a sword, for the cup/water i had a green plastic cup filled with bitter lemon schweppes soda, for fire i used the hazel wand i ordered from jake and for earth i used the food (my portion of the offerings for bim. its supposed to be like a date right, like someone mentioned? i couldnt let Bim "eat" alone =) since watermelon and nuts and banana come from the earth. (i thought at least it was a clever improvisation =)

i had an audio recorder going the whole time (1 hour and 7 minutes) so it will be interesting to listen to that recording and see if it picked up anything interesting during the ritual...

this time i hung one of the sigils around my neck (the recommended one for bim) and put the other one on bims altar. i had to use my shoelace because i couldnt find any string. sometimes i feel like macgyver. jk. =)

the format of the ritual was this:
use pendulum to communicate with bim
ask if he accepts and likes my offerings
ask if he is willing to help me with my particular task
ask specific questions about my task
eat the food and drink (while staring into the black mirror and sitting in my chair)
thank bim and give license to depart

the wording was completely impromptu
when i was looking at the black mirror, the candles produced an interesting afterimage effect, it was completely white inside the black mirror circle. funny thing was that i had read earlier that day specifically about the afterimage effect, on wikipedia =)

the MOST interesting thing that happened, other than the sometimes-really-strong responses i got on my pendulum was when i started the actual evocation. right when i started speaking the words of the evocation lots of black smoke suddenly came out of the left candle and lasted for like 2-4 seconds. they had already been burning for probably 15-20 minutes and i hadnt noticed anything like that before or after. the timing seemed too good to be a coincidence. it was pretty cool =)

reflecting back on the ritual i think i should have used a little more time "courting" instead of going right to "business", so i think ill do that next time. also i have a couple of questions now that i wished i had asked during, so i think ill take some time to write out questions time.

update 20100520
i dowsed (asked bim) for lottery numbers for the viking lotto and got these numbers:
4 6 9 12 19 22
with the lucky number being 19
the lucky number turned out to be 1
and the winning numbers were:
3 5 15 23 30 46
with extra numbers:
13 36

the difference between the numbers is thus:
1 1 6 7 11 14

the difference between the lucky numbers is:

the difference between the extra numbers and the closest numbers to them is:
1 (13-12) 14 (36-22)

Q. can i expect to get bim to be able to influence the pendulum or my subconscious when i sit inside a protective circle?

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