Tuesday, 4 May 2010

reconnective healing experience

a couple of days ago my wife did 2 successive sessions of (eric pearl) reconnective healing on me over 2 days. when she started the first session i immediately smelled a weird burning smell. i didnt notice anything else, other than being very relaxed, although i did feel for a short moment an upward pulling sensation on my left leg once.

then i had 2 very interesting experiences with food the other day =) at breakfast i decided to eat some cereal with milk and yoghurt and immediately after starting to eat it (and actually while i was putting it into the bowl) i felt like my body didnt want it, like it was going to make me sluggish so i stopped eating it (i have been eating cereal for 30 years btw). then later on in the evening i found a little grocery store and i was picking out some snacks and food to eat tonight after i got back to my hotel room and i could seriously feel when i picked up certain things that my body didnt want it, like it was pushing the food item away or like 2 magnets with the same pole + to + or - to -, how they push away from each other... pretty weird huh? =)

maybe the reconnective healing has altered me in some way?

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