Sunday, 30 May 2010

drømmeurt (calea zacatechichi) experience

my tongue has been itching and has little sores on it. it started maybe about a week ago. i wonder if it has anything to do with chewing on the cz leaves? i search for "itchy tongue" and the only explanation for touch itch listed is contact dermatitis. im going to try to rub some of the cz on my arm to see if i get a rash.

i still havent drunken any cz tea since june 3, but last night i was able to change my fate and stop somebody from killing me in my dream =) i was a witness in a court trial and the evil defence attorney (played by Frank Langella) didnt want anyone to attend the trial, but i showed up anyways and he got all angry at me and looked like he was going to kill me, but i remained calm and told him that if he touched me i would sue his ass of so he just got upset and went into a closet and yelled at the top of his lungs... =) i also remember snowboarding or skiing or sliding down a snowy mountain.

last night i dreamed that i could fly! i havent had any CZ since june 3 though, but it was a cool feeling to fly! then at then end of my dream i couldnt fly anymore for some reason. i tried, but it was like i wasnt psychically strong enough in my dream to do it. weird. i remember that C James was in my dream and her sister M. i also remember being inside a huge shopping mall and there was some construction on one side so i had to go out of the parking lot on another side and walk to my car a ways. i also remember being chased/hunted. i think i also was inside the lds church building in KWA where i used to go to church as a teenager.

was too tired to drink cz tea last night, dont remember anything from my dreams.

drank some fresh cz tea last night, dont remember anything from my dreams.

last night i tried reusing the cz leaves i used 2 nights ago while watching more of the shining (im still not done). when i was done drinking it i took the leaves out of the little ball and chewed on them and sucked whatever i could out of them, then threw them away. i can honestly not remember anything from my dream, but i have a feeling that i remember feeling like i had control of a particular situation in my dreams.

i fell asleep last night before i could drink some cz tea and i specifically remember in my dream where my brother in law had 2 girls all over him, rubbing his chest and giving him attention and i felt like that was unfair =) in other words, i didnt have control over that situation. there seems to be a connection here =)

had another cup of CZ last night while watching more of the shining. again, i felt like i was in control of some elements of my dreams, or i never felt out of control. interesting. still nothing else extraordinary though. i have been wondering if i should just chew the leaves. i tried chewing just a little piece of a leaf and it was super strong, so i actually doubt i would be able to put a little handful in my mouth and keep it there for very long... tonight i am going to try to recycle the leaves i used in my tea last night to see if that works or if i need to use new leaves every day.

last night i drank CZ tea while watching the shining. during my sleep i again experienced "control": a neighbor lady was chasing me trying to kill me and i successfully overpowered her and killed her. i smashed her into a little compartment of flesh just like this recycling commercial here in norway about a woman who does that to all her boyfriends.
i also was able to convince an unwilling fashion director to let me give her a full body sensual massage. i seriously cant remember ever really "getting what i want" in my dreams, at least when met with blatant opposition, where i then could turn the situation to my favor. i feel that maybe this CZ gives me that ability somehow. other than that, i have noticed no other effect. my dreams are not in any way more vivid so far.

last night i drank a cup of CZ tea. i filled up one half of a little metal-mesh ball and filled my cup up about 70% of the way. the tea is really bitter. before i went to bed i told myself several times that the next time i was going to be conscious that i would be able to control my dreams and that i would fly. what i did notice during my dream was that i actually got away from my chaser. i usually never get away, but this time i did. that seemed to be something different from the norm.

tonight i am drinking the tea again to see if the effect will get any stronger.

btw, i ordered the herbs from denmark and they got here to norway 2 days later without any trouble.

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