Friday, 28 May 2010

rolling thunder healing for isaac bonewits

i did the rolling thunder healing here from norway last night. i was sitting on the couch with 2 minutes to 9 and all of the sudden i got an idea:
go ask your 2 sons if they want to help you with the ritual.
they were downstairs playing wii, so i was thinking "ok this will be interesting"
then i got another idea. i remember hearing/reading about how people "need" ritual, so i felt i should take with me 3 small tea-lights (candles) and light them with the boys; maybe that would help get their interest? =)
it proved to be true. they both broke away from the wii and we sat in a triangle on the floor and each of us lit our own candle and put it on the ground in front of us. before we started i explained that a very famous an important writer was very sick and we were going to do a remote healing ritual for him. we all held hands then i said that they were going to repeat with me the mantra:
isaacs tumors fade away, 30 more years with phae
and that we were going to say it 8 times. i had read earlier today about the number 8 and was quite impressed by what i read and it seemed totally appropriate being the ultimate sign of "longevity": eternity!
as we started saying the mantra we started out slow and then a THIRD idea came into my head: say it with a smile and be happy, it will help raise the energy =)
each time we repeated the mantra we did it faster and faster too (the fourth idea i got =)
when we were done we blew out the candles and i took them upstairs.
upstairs my wife and i have a little chest of drawers where we light candles usually every night. and i felt i should light the 3 candles we used in the ritual so i put them next to the candles already on the chest of drawers and counted them up. guess how many there were total? yep, 8 =)

quite the little experience. get well quickly isaac! =)

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