Tuesday, 4 May 2010

my goetic evocation experience of the demon duke of hell Bune / Buné / Bim / Bime

i did an evocation last night (20100502) of Bune.

here are some resources that i read before doing the evocation:
goetia (scroll down to bune)
allan fullers evocation of bune
everyones tired of bune
the many faces of bune
physical evocation of bune dream followup
conjure sorcery with bune
evp and evocation (bune mentioned)
bune (wikipedia)

i didnt do the lbrp or use a circle. i opened simply with a prayer to god for protection and also during the evocation i commanded bune to not do me or anyone around me or anyone i love any harm. i didnt use a triangle either, i simply placed my black scrying mirror on a chair in front of me.

my intention with this was to not limit myself psychologically. also for the sake of science, to see how it would go since i havent found very many practitioners writing about doing it this way, ive most read about great warnings and caution and scare-stories. i also took no regard for time or astrological implications. i performed the ritual last night, 20100502 at about 2 am. according to my computer clock i used about 2 hours and 15 minutes trying to get a response, stating my will, etc and also meditating. but i swear it seemed only like i was only operating for like a half hour, it was crazy.

i just drew both of his sigils onto normal white paper instead of using a kind of metal (also i had no access to anything else) and had them in my hands, as well as a wand, made by athena from enochian.org. i also had made a little talisman from the book of power (from the book the secret lore of magic), supposedly something solomon had used to ward off evil and to serve as protection when worn on the left arm:
s d d d c
h t l t b
s d d d c
h t l t b

since i didnt have any tape or safety pins i was like "how in the heck am i going to fasten this to my arm?" then i got an idea to just fold up my sleeve once and then stick the paper talisman down into the fold =)

i did feel a good light energy around me during the operation . i felt safe. at one point i remember hearing a small hissing sound (i hadnt really heard anything at all around here, it is so quiet at this hotel) and my fight or flight kicked in for a split second out of pure normal reaction to something new and i flinched for a half second, then smiled, but i dont remember feeling afraid, just startled. i dont know what the sound was or if it was something outside. anyways i just continued after that.

at one point i thought i might have heard his dark voice inside my talking to me, but i wasnt sure if it was just me or not, but i remember the voice was definitely distinct sounding and not my voice, but again, im not sure if it was me or not creating the voice. but actually now that i think of it i am almost sure that it was him at least at one point because i remember i was struggling to know how to pronounce his name, i was kind of switching between bune (pronounced boon) and buné (pronounced boon-ay) and bim (i had read somewhere that he was also know as that name) and i distinctly remember a thought/voice entering my head, that wasnt my own saying "just use bim instead, then theres no confusion", because i was asking him how to pronounce his name.

at certain points i kind of felt a presence of some kind of energy (and i also often got chills), but i ended with a command that he do my will that i had expressed to him and gave him a deadline by next sunday, all the while showing respect, but still being authoritative.

i ended by simply banishing all ill-intended energies and entities from my hotel room, then i drew in the air with my wand a pentagram and a hexagram. before i started i turned on my zoom h4n recorder and pushed record. to my dismay i had forgotten to push record a second time to actually start recording! grrrrrrrr. i wanted to see if i could pick up any evp during the operation. i am pretty disappointed about missing out on that.

the whole working was impromptu and i said what i felt, i followed no script and had not written anything down. i concentrated many times on not blinking while staring at the black scrying mirror and also at the sigils (as suggested by carrol poke runyon) and one time while staring at the more complicated sigil everything around the sigil got super white and bright whereas i could almost only see the sigil and i felt like i was drifting into some other dimension, it was crazy, it was as if this world around me was fading away. this lasted for maybe 2-3 minutes. it was interesting, i dont know for sure, but i feel like i was able to delay blinking for like 7-10 minutes at a time, and its like its a little difficult up to a certain point and then its like once you pass that point then it isnt difficult at all and you feel like you can just keep going and going. i eventually would blink willingly to try the retinal burn thing where i superimpose the sigil onto the black mirror.

i also remember a couple of minutes after i was finished, getting a sharp pain inside my head, like headache pain, but only for a split second, like 2 or 3 times. this was exactly what happened last time i tried to evoke a different duke in the bathroom at work, totally impromptu as well, with no circle or anything.

oh yeah, the holy names i felt comfortable working with, evocating by and banishing by are: almighty god, elohim, adonai and agla. i am still personally unsure about jesus/christ/jehova, etc so i didnt use any of those names.

i did a follow up quick conjuration of bune again today (20100503) at about 17:30 and just appended to my will that bune was to carry it out without any negative consequences and without any harm to anyone i love, to anyone in my family (notice the distinction? =) and to any of my friends.

i also set up a little "altar" here in my hotel room on a chair in the corner, with both his sigils resting on top of a larger piece of paper with some instructions/help for bune so he knows at least one area he can try to succeed in to help me, but ultimately the results are up to him, i just wrote out a suggestion for him.

i have to say, i have been feeling a type of "bombardment" on my mind/head ever since the first evocation, coming and going, when i enter the hotel even, and whenever i think about bune. i dont remember feeling anything last night when i went outside in the city and walked around looking for a restaurant with an open kitchen (ive completely switched my day around since i got here, sleeping during the day and "working" at night) i have decided to do an LBRP before i leave the hotel, for their sake. when i meditate though this "pressure" on my mind seems to go away. i dont know if it is my own imagination that is the cause of it, but i have never felt anything like this before.

i guess maybe i should add a warning to anybody thinking about attempting what i did:
***dont try it unless you feel you know what you are getting into.***

i am wondering if maybe i have a "gift" (here me out, im not trying to be proud), or rather i am different than other people i have read about. i recently purchased something from a well-respected practitioner of a certain type of magick. if i wrote this persons name here, many people would know who this person is. ill call this person Larry. i received this item from Larry with a warning not to touch a specific part of it because it is charged with very dangerous forces/energies. i have actually brushed up against this item by accident several times and have felt nothing. i told Larry this and that i dont feel any particular energy from this item at all and he said "that is strange, because i (larry) have never felt a stronger energy from anything i have ever made before. it is actually a good thing then that you dont feel anything because it wont affect you negatively or at least to the degree it would affect other people."

i share this because after thinking about this maybe a warning is in place. maybe not everybody is able to perform an evocation in the manner i described. people are different and tolerate different levels of energy.

update 20100504: i now got the idea today that maybe these sensations in my head are due to me stopping my anti-depression meds while ive been on vacation? ill wait to take them until i get home to see if they continue or not before i start taking my meds again.

update 20100519: the headaches were from me not taking my medication. it has happened several times after this first experience when i have forgotten to take my meds.

read my second bim evocation experience (ill call him bim from now on, instead of bune, since i felt that is what he told me (as a voice in my mind) to call him during the first evocation)


  1. anti depression meds and your playing demon evocation without the rule book......very wise....NOT

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  3. in all of my experiments, no matter how "dangerous" people said they were, nothing reproducible ever happened...ever. i concluded that "effects" with "magick" are just as coincidental and unreliable as with religion.

  4. piss poor lazy sloppy way of doing things

  5. I did an evocation similar to you and had bune manifest right infront of me were I could see him with my own eyes, no circle no mirror no any kind of protection no nothing just his sigil on paper and on top of that I evoked him during the day so I followed no rules and he was quite friendly didn't atempt to harm me in any way so I can concur it does work!