Tuesday, 29 March 2011

the two-tongued "mysterious logic" of christianity

sent to my by email from a good friend:
You proclaim with certainty that if I use my mind, I can see, with clarity, the truth of the Bible. That with intuition from my heart, and the soundness of my brain, the word will be revealed as truth, because truth is clear and illuminating. You insist the existence of God is clear to any person who, logically, thinks it through.

You tell me that the world around us evidences a creator. That without a cause, there can be no effect. That entropy demands the complexity of life proves its own impossibility, therefore necessitating a transcendent God. You plead with me to use human reason to "see" that the precision of the Universe demands that there must be God. That it is the only, "scientifically" plausible conclusion. You base your arguments in logic, and arrive at conclusions with linguistic ingenuity worthy of the finest debate . You explain the inner workings of cells and other precise scientifically derived mechanics which evidence profound design. You stand confident on the shoulders of great scientific giants whose works form the basis of your arguments. You understand that to convince, it is pristine facts, logic, and reason which must form the basis of human communication as otherwise we would be lost in an ocean of falsehood and uncertainty.

But when 15,000 innocent men women and children die in a Tsunami, you tell me that God works in mysterious ways. When I ask about babies who were not fortunate to receive the "word" being "saved" or "damned" you explain that we shouldn't expect to understand with our limited minds things in the heavenly realm. Things, like - God. You tell me that God doesn't have to be logical. You assure me there is no problem since the great mystery of God is his beauty.

You use "logic" when it suits you.

You use "mystery" when it suits you.

This, Christian, is called duplicity and according to you, it is a trait of the devil.

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