Wednesday, 9 March 2011

faith and/vs obedience and the reason god doesnt show himself to the world

mormons pride themselves on believing that the typical christian/jesus/NT believing isnt enough to get into heaven. "obedience is the first law of heaven." (DC 130:20-21) you have to be obedient and repent when you do something wrong. THAT is how you get into heaven.

you cant be saved by faith alone. "faith without works is dead."

if this is true, then there would be nothing hindering god in showing himself to everybody in the world. it wouldnt destroy his plan because everybody would still have to choose to be obedient. after all, that is how you get into heaven--by obeying god's commandments.

thus, the reason the mormon god doesnt show himself to the world is NOT because it would destroy his plan, but because he doesnt exist.

the mormon "war in heaven" story is the perfect implementation of my theory. everybody--in the presence of god--had to choose whether or not to follow jesus' plan. 2/3rds of the people chose to follow satan. it makes absolutely no sense then to make it a blind choice once here on earth.,132179

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