Thursday, 31 March 2011

"the largest group of suicide terrorists are the Tamil Tigers, a group of atheist Marxists." DEBUNKED

i saw an interesting claim in the comments of bill maher to Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison: The Qur'an Is A 'Hate Filled Holy Book by user ProIndividual
largest group of suicide terrorists..are the Tamil Tigers, a group of atheist Marxists.

according to time magazine "The Tigers ... include 5,000 to 10,000 guerillas".

how many muslims are there? about 1.5 billion. obviously not all of them would carry out a suicide bombing, but you can see the ridiculous difference in numbers. and just look at some of the suicide bombing statistics:

according to the wikipedia article LTTE: "between 1980 and 2000, the LTTE carried out 168 suicide attacks".

and the wikipedia Suicide attack article: "In 2004 in Iraq alone there were 400 suicide attacks".

it's quite common, irresponsible and incorrect to cite atheism as a key source and motivator of violence in non-religious political ideologies.

atheism+'no afterlife' is completely incompatible with suicide.

religion+'salvation/glory/rewards after death' is an important motivator for islamic suicide bombers. non-religious people also carry out suicide bombings, as in the case of the Tamil Tigers, but they are doing it because they are influenced, persuaded and coerced by the political ideology, NOT because of their critical analysis of the existence of god (i.e. atheism).

LTTE is a political ideology.
atheism is the disbelief in deity. period.

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