Tuesday, 30 March 2010

healing and prayer

the other day my family was going to go on a walk, i was sick, so i stayed home, but i, for some reason, decided to ask god that they all would be safe and come home safely (i hadnt asked this for many days i dont think). my son jumped out of a tree and landed on a metal rod on his back. i was told that the doctors words were "he must have had a guardian angel" because had he landed slightly different, the rod couldve poked into his skin and punctured a lung or something. he had landed in a way that it only scraped his back (about the size of a half of a banana. my wife did a healing on him before they took an xray of his back. he hadnt broken any ribs. the next day we were to go to his doctor to change his bandage and i remember the doctor and the nurse remarking several times how odd it was that the wound had healed so quickly, they asked several times "when did this happen?" and they found it hard to believe that it happened less than 24 hours ago because the skin had attached itself so much to the mesh netting under the bandage. it took them 1.5 hours to detach it. i am glad that my prayer was answered, that my son was protected against something really dangerous and that my wife was able to speedy up his healing. my son went back to the same doctor and nurse again today for the second change of bandages and they told my wife that they had never seen anything like this rapid healing before.

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