Monday, 22 March 2010

evp farting sound during spirit board session experience

i got the movie How to Contact Spirits Vol. 2, then i did a session with a spirit board saturday night and i recorded the session with a video camera and a really good audio recorder. when i played it back after i was done i heard at one point a pretty loud farting sound for like 4 seconds, it was crazy. i would have totally heard something like that if it had been a natural sound. ill upload it when i get the time. i hadnt used a spirit board since i was in highschool, so it was fun to do it again. i did it solo and i could totally feel the planchette being pulled by a spirit. it might sound weird but it was a comforting feeling, although i dont think the person i made contact with was the person i was trying to contact because everytime i asked a question it would just go to random letters, like:
w y j i æ k

it was a homemade board. i also forgot to put numbers on it and i added some phrases to it like:
vet ikke

it was all in norwegian. well ive ordered a glow in the dark one online so we'll see if that works any different (i cant imagine it would make a difference).

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