Tuesday, 30 March 2010

grimorium verum - for hearing a pleasant music - experience

this spell/work seemed pretty straight forward and simple to implement so i tried it today. i drew the sigil of klepoth inside a circle and cut it out (cut a square around the circle so the piece of paper was a square; it was just easier and i thought id try to see if the shape was significant; i dont think it was). i recited the names out loud while sitting in the bathroom and holding the "circle". i didnt hear anything audible right away so i closed my eyes and began to meditate and listen inside of me, i quickly started hearing music in my head, but it was like i was directing the music and had composed it and decided how it should unfold. i imagined myself in a giant darkened concert hall with tons of spectators. i was standing in front of my own symphony/orchestra and conducting the most intense orgasmic display of classical music the world has ever seen. everyone in the audience started having a mass orgy (or at least with the people they were there with, not necessarily with strangers). i remember mostly a combination of piano and stringed instruments, particularly violins and chellos. it lasted for the longest time. and what was interesting was that when i tried stopping the concert it would quickly pick right up again; it was like i was in control, but at the same time i wasnt. it was to me a hint that it wasnt just my imagination/creation involved here. very very interesting and enjoyable experience! thank you klepoth (and the other 10 words/names/entities?) =)

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