Thursday, 24 June 2010

remote healing for my brother with possible kidney cancer 20100624

i meditated and i could feel energy in the palms of my hands as i was doing this. i imagined my brother laying on a table and i had a big fan in front of me and i was standing at his feet. i moved the fan across his body starting at the feet and ending at the head and it was blowing all bad things out of his body, and it looked like grey smoke being blown out, far away from him, then i obliterated the grey smoke with heat and energy, turning it into nothingness or tiny harmless particles. my brothers body was whiter after this and looked clean. then i made a bubble/aura of light around his whole body to protect him from further harmful influences/diseases. anything harmful trying to come at him was repelled and burned up by the aura/light/heat. i imaged my brother jumping up off the table and hopping up and down doing some boxing punches showing that he was well in every way =)

update 20100824
i did a remote healing 2 nights ago and yesterday. i could again really feel an energy in my hands and it was almost like something external was pushing my hands around in a circle as i was "playing" with energy (reconnective healing style).

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