Wednesday, 5 October 2011

mormon "apostle" boyd packer prophesies "the end isnt near" (jesus isnt coming back any time soon)
when the time for "youth living now who have have great grandchildren" has passed and jesus still hasnt come back, church leaders at that time will simply say that packer was speaking as a man, that his words werent official church doctrine. it will mostly likely be exactly the same as cult apologetics' response to joseph smith's failed prophecies:
"Prophets are allowed not only to have personal opinions, or even misunderstandings, but also to express them.  It is up to those who hear the words spoken by a prophet to listen carefully, use their intelligence, and discern with the spirit whether a prophet is acting as a prophet or expressing his own views"

does packer (the senior "apostle") know the following?:
"Sometimes it is obvious when a prophet is acting as a prophet.  "Thus saith the Lord...," "I prophesy in the name of the Lord...," or some similar phrase, are pretty good indications that he is acting as a prophet.  Without some such statement it is not clear whether he is speaking for God or expressing his own views.  That is why discernment by the spirit is so necessary."

of course he does. did packer use any of these qualifiers in his "prophecy" about "the end isnt near"? no. why? because he doesnt really know when the end is coming (you can actually conclude that they KNOW there is no jesus who is going to "come back"). would it seem rational/reasonable/be expected that he would use such qualifiers if jesus/yahweh in fact really had personally and clearly revealed to him that "the end isnt near"? yes.

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