Thursday, 20 October 2011

is the lds mormon church a cult? susan's review

thanks to susan for this summary of her experiences about the cult-status of the "church of jesus christ of latter-day saints":
 I've been around long enough to know that there are thousands of closet drinkers, porn lovers, adulterers, fornicators, etc. etc. etc. amongst the Mormon population.  If there were really some way to gather true statistics, I think you would find that (as in divorce) the Mormon statistics on all this would fall right in there with the general populations.  I don't think Mormon kids are avoiding drugs and sex.  I have enough older grandkids now to know that they are just more adept at hiding it.

So, if one can assume that what I've just typed is correct, then I would have to say that the added pressures of a perfectionistic religion that controls ever aspect of one's life, demands that money be paid in order to participate in certain church rituals, asks you to promise that you will give everything you have to the upbuilding of the kingdom, doesn't respect woman and never lets them be in control, grossly emotionally abuses homosexuals, expects its membership to agree with and acquiesce to everything that comes out of the mouths of the suits in SLC, robs young men and women of two years of their lives to proselyte no differently than the Moonies on the corner, tries to control a married couple's sex life, teaches the evils of sex so often to young people that they don't have a chance for a normal/sensual/passionate sex life for the first few years of their marriages (and maybe never) ......sounds like a cult to me!

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