Sunday, 3 April 2011

sam harris puts religion/god into perspective

sam harris' opening remarks in part 2 of the "does god have a future?" debate are simply hilarious, the way he puts religion into such a ridiculous perspective:
01:23 the god that our neighbors believe in is essentially an invisible person. it's a creator deity who created the universe to have a relationship with one species of primate. lucky us. and he's got galaxy upon galaxy to attend to, but he's especially concerned with what we do, and he's especially concerned with what we do while naked. and he almost certainly disapproves of homosexuality. and he's created this cosmos as a vast laboratory in which to test our powers of credulity, and the test is this "can you believe in this god on bad evidence--which is to say on faith?" and if you can, you will win an eternity of happiness after you die.

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