Sunday, 17 April 2011

"life after death is true" and "theists are happier and atheists are more self-destructive and negative"

just posting my reply to a theist's comments on facebook:
"I completely believe in life after death."
but you stated as a fact that 'no life after death' *isnt true* in an earlier post.

"In the end, my heart chose for me."
feelings are a poor basis for a successful decision making model--it's not the way of science, it's not the way of economics, it's not the way of the judicial system, it's not how we earn our university degrees, it's now how technology is developed, etc. even when choosing a lifelong mate--a decision where feelings actually play a huge role--most people ask themselves practical questions like:
* is this person responsible?
* does this person have any addictions/problems that might be difficult to break?
* is this person good with money?
* does this person have goals and a plan for the future?

yet the only thing mormon missionaries try to get people to do is to feel good about the message. they dont encourage people e.g. to read in depth about church history or to think critically about their message...

"It's interesting to me how truly happy people are once they fully embrace God and after life."
you say happy, i say delusional =)

"It's also very interesting to me how self destructive and negative people who don't tend to be."
utah leads the nation in porn usage and anti-depressant usage =) there are so many happy and funny atheists and so many racist/gay-hating theists as to completely destroy this claim. the lds church for one fits both the racist and gay-hating qualities even in recent history. and just look at the word "gay"--it means "happy" =)

i've never been happier than after i left the mormon church. when i finally realized it was a sham, it was like waking up from a terrible nightmare and realizing i was safe in bed on a warm, sunny, first day of a 5 week vacation =) now i've got more money, more time, less stress, less responsibility, more friends, more things in life to enjoy, etc... i can choose, if i want to, to do anything a theist can do:
* go to church
* pay money to the church
* read scriptures
* fast
* pray
* love my neighbor as myself

but a theist cant do everything an atheist can do =) i love that distinction =)

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