Monday, 19 April 2010

my first hoodoo spell - honey jar sweetening spell

tonight i did my first hoodoo spell and the candle is burning as i write =) i did a honey jar sweetening love spell
the funny thing was that the only red candle i could find in the house was one made/rolled out of honeycomb =) double the sweetness!
for the oil i used a baby oil which has a special meaning between me and the person i am casting the spell on ;) (wink)
the first time i tried writing the intention around the name cross i lifted the pen accidentally so i had to start over =)
and even though my hair isnt long i was still able to tie the two hairs together =)
i forgot to take a picture of the spell paper before i put it into the honey jar....dangit!

i like the symbolism of the ring enclosing the name(s). i used cursive handwriting to completely "seal" the circle.
i also used just plain, white, lined notebook paper.

i did the spell for/on my wife because i havent really been feeling any kind of attraction from her lately, so ive been feeling lonely/unvalued (and yes i also communicate verbally my feelings too, i just wanted a booster =). this is what i managed to write in a circle around our crossed names:

in cursive, so the two end "desireme"'s connected, but i dont think it really matters =)
that night my wife came home from belly dancing class and i didnt notice any reaction/effect. the next day after i got home from work i was feeling really depressed for about 2 hours. i remember saying the following while doing the spell (according to the version on luckymojo: ):
As this honey is sweet to me, so will i become sweet to (my wife).

after those 2 hours of depression i went downstairs and told my wife i had been feeling depressed today "because i feel like youve been distant and we have been close or made love in a while". i dont remember exactly what she said but it was to the effect that what i said was sweet and it makes her want to be close to me, when i share my feelings like that. needless to say, we were really close the rest of the night and *really really close* after we went to bed, if you catch my drift =)

the last 2 nights ive been using red tealights because:
a) we have a lot of them
b) i keep forgetting to buy bigger candles at the store

tonight i used the symbolism of the wick and stroked it with the baby oil to add a little more energy to it =)

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